Peoples Agenda profile 26: Joint Enterprise not Guilty by Association

JENGbA are calling for the abolition or radical reform of the 'joint enterprise' law, they tell us in this twenty-sixth People's Agenda profile

May 13, 2015 · 2 min read

Jengba peoples agenda ‘We are now supporting more than 500 prisoners – prisoners who are maintaining their innocence who have no voice. ‘

JENGbA (Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association) is a grassroots campaign who highlight the injustice of the “law” of joint enterprise which can convict people for simply being near the scene of a crime or associated in some way with the perpetrator.

Children as young as 13 are being given life sentences for crimes committed by others. Jengba is calling for this “law” to be abolished or radically reformed.

We are now supporting more than 500 prisoners – prisoners who are maintaining their innocence who have no voice. Prisoners’ families also had no one to turn to, the campaign has not only given the prisoners a voice but we can now advise families on legal points – this is all down to our own experiences of the law and how it affected our loved ones. Because of our campaigning, the Justice Select Committee has recently published a report which calls on the Government for an urgent reform of the law.

To find out more: @JENGbA

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