Palestine/ Israel

Arming the occupation

12 August 2022 Arms sales both by and to Israel help sustain the oppression of the Palestinian people. Sam Perlo-Freeman reports on the scale of the trade and the UK’s involvement in it

How Elbit was shut down

6 August 2022 Blyth Brentnall describes how a group of activists in the UK has managed to disrupt the activities of one of Israel’s biggest arms suppliers

‘I feel trapped in violence that extends from Palestine to the UK’

23 June 2022 Pádraig Ó Meiscill speaks to Shahd Abusalama about the enforced separation of her family, defeating smear campaigns and the cruelty of the Home Office.

Struggle, spies and ’68

26 May 2022 Diane Langford recalls some of her most memorable experiences of feminist organising, union activism and solidarity campaigning

The future of boycotts after Ukraine

16 April 2022 Calls for state and civil action against Russia are an important shift in Western political discourse, writes Ben Jamal

Laboratories of the extreme

20 March 2022 Jake Woodier speaks to Eyal Weizman about the political nature of architecture and its use in constructing truths and challenging power

Egypt at 100

28 February 2022 Heba Taha explores the drastic political transformations of the Egyptian state 100 years since independence

Israeli apartheid: an international consensus

10 February 2022 Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Ben Jamal explains the impact of Amnesty International naming Israel’s apartheid crimes

The uses and limits of celebrity solidarity with Palestine

5 July 2021 Famous voices can shape public opinion on Palestine, argues Raoul Walawalker, but walking back solidarity statements does more harm than good

Political blackness and Palestinian solidarity

22 September 2020 The question of Palestine has become a black political litmus test, argues Annie Olaloku-Teriba, defining the very nature of black identity and politics

My father’s 13 years as a Palestinian political prisoner

18 June 2020 Shahd Abusalama recounts her father Ismail's experience in the Israeli prison system and calls for drastic reforms

Gaza is a children’s prison

17 April 2019 There are one million children living in Gaza, trapped and under fire. By Omar Aziz

The Great Return March is rekindling Palestinian resistance

30 March 2019 From the Land Day protests in 1976 to the Great Return March of today, the Palestinian struggle against colonial dispossession continues despite incredible odds, writes Ryvka Barnard

5 reasons why students are taking action against Israeli apartheid

29 November 2018 Students across the country are marking the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, writes Huda Ammori.

The Lost Cinemas of Palestine

14 November 2018 Ahmad Al-Bazz documents the steady demolition of Palestine's once-iconic cinemas and picturehouses.

Building a revolution in Jerusalem?

11 September 2018 Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret talk to Sahar Vardi from Imbala collective, who have set up a grassroots organising space in the heart of West Jerusalem.

Does Israel have a ‘right to self-defence’ against Gaza?

4 June 2018 Israel claims to be acting in self-defence when its army shoots down Gazan protesters. Norman G. Finkelstein and Jamie Stern-Weiner debunk that myth.

Whilst Israel and the US celebrate illegally moving the embassy to Jerusalem, unarmed Palestinians are being shot down

14 May 2018 The move is a stamp of approval for Israel’s brutal occupation, writes Asad Rehman.

We must resist attempts to silence the left on Palestine

9 April 2018 Some people falsely smear all critiques of Israel as antisemitic, writes Paul Keleman. We cannot let this bad-faith manoeuvring hinder our pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people.

Areas of Terror

5 April 2018 The Israeli government categorises protesters as terrorists to create a mandate for violence, writes Richard Seymour,

Jewdas, Corbyn and the policing of Jewishness

3 April 2018 Stop accusing Jewish people of treachery when they criticise Israel, writes Eleanor Penny

A very modern apartheid

20 February 2018 Marienna Pope-Weidemann explains why decades of occupation and oppression have led some people to call Israel an apartheid state.

Prosecuting Ahed Tamimi shows the depth of Israeli paranoia

3 January 2018 How can the heavily-armed Israeli state claim to be victimised by one teenage activist? By Richard Seymour.

The beautiful game under siege: women’s football in the West Bank

9 November 2017 'We wanted to use a shared love of the beautiful game to stand in solidarity with those living under occupation', writes Kate Hadley

The UK has been supporting Israeli war crimes for years.

8 November 2017 Priti Patel's shady deals are business as usual. Enough is enough, writes Eleanor Penny

#Balfour100: 100 years of British complicity in Israel’s oppression of Palestinians

3 November 2017 One hundred years ago, the Balfour Declaration laid the groundwork for Israel's takeover of Palestine. We must face up to our responsibility, writes Ryvka Barnard.

Empire en vogue

24 June 2017 Nadine El-Enany examines the imperial pretensions of Britain's post-Brexit foreign affairs and trade strategy

One-state in Palestine: equality, democracy and justice

6 March 2017 Omar Barghouti asks whether Donald Trump, in his recent break with America’s long-standing support for the two-state solution, has unwittingly revived the debate about the plausibility, indeed the necessity, of a single, democratic state in historic Palestine?

Increasing anti-semitism or disappearing Palestine?

16 October 2016 The left’s Jewish problem, Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and anti-semitism by Dave Rich, reviewed by Paul Kelemen

Resist Tory attacks on local councils

13 October 2015 Campaigns Against Arms Trade highlight how new Tory policy could prohibit local Councils from implementing democratically voted upon motions in support of the BDS movement

Dabke dancing to tell another narrative

30 July 2015 Creative protest can change the way people engage with Israeli apartheid, says Dan Glass, who organised a Dabke-dance action to mark the first anniversary of the latest attack on Gaza

Why I wrote a play charting Israel’s violent birth

17 July 2015 Playwright Brian Rotman reflects on the background to his new play tracing the origins of the state of Israel

Letters to Palestine: an interview with Vijay Prashad

2 July 2015 Daniel Whittall speaks to Vijay Prashad about the book he has recently edited, Letters to Palestine, and the wider dynamics of the Palestinian struggle

Gaza stripped: resistance or suffocation

1 October 2014 Vijay Prashad on the latest Gaza war and Israel’s suffocation of nonviolent resistance Gaza

Gaza: a history

23 September 2014 Daniel Whittall speaks with former diplomant and historian Jean-Pierre Filiu about his new book on Gaza, and the history and future of the region

From the archives: Singling out Israel

11 August 2014 Its supporters constantly laud Israel as the 'only democratic country in the Middle East' with the 'most moral army in the world'. Why single it out for criticism? They ask. Richard Kuper explains the reasons (from issue 137 January 2006)

We can’t just tweet in the face of genocide

5 August 2014 Ewa Jasiewicz, activist with London Palestine Action, explains how you can join the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel's massacre and occupation

Resisting the UK’s political and military support for Israel

3 August 2014 Andrew Smith, from Campaigns Against Arms Trade, explains how the UK are arming Israel

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the people of Gaza

22 July 2014 Kitty Webster reports back from the National Demonstration for Gaza held in London on Saturday 19 July 2014

Palestine: 6 simple acts of international solidarity

18 July 2014 Jenny Nelson looks at what you can do to help the people of Palestine

Israel’s ‘infiltrators’ rise up

1 April 2014 Kitty Webster reports on the wave of protests by African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel

Conscience little stirred

17 February 2014 It took many decades and much bitter argument before the British left embraced the Palestinian cause, writes Mike Marqusee

A few days in Ramallah

13 January 2014 Jane Shallice reflects on a recent trip to the West Bank.

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the right to exist

7 May 2013 'We’d all say a person has a right to a home, but we wouldn’t say their home has rights.'

Showing Israel the red card

3 December 2012 As UEFA prepares to stage the 2013 European under-21 championship in Israel, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi reports on the exclusion of Palestinian footballers

Palestine: Learning from the rabbi

3 December 2012 Wrestling in the Daylight: a rabbi’s path to Palestinian solidarity, by Brant Rosen, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Gaza War: All about politics?

19 November 2012 Abby Martin interviews Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, about the current escalation of violence in Gaza

A tale of two speeches

1 October 2012 Palestinian Chairman Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu address the United Nations. Phyllis Bennis reports from New York

Guerrilla guide: Boycott, divestment, sanctions

5 July 2012 As the Co-op announces a boycott of companies exporting from West Bank settlements, Tom Anderson explains how to do ‘BDS’

Jordan Valley: To exist is to resist

22 May 2012 Lorna Stephenson reports on a grass-roots campaign group challenging the Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley

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