Why Corbyn’s ‘unpopularity’ is exaggerated: Polls show he’s more popular than most other parties’ leaders – and on the up
Headlines about Jeremy Corbyn’s poor approval ratings in polls don’t tell the whole story, writes Alex Nunns

Mythbuster: Health warning
By repackaging privatisation as ‘reform’, the government has tried to sell voters the idea of dismantling the health service. Jacky Davis exposes the main marketing myths behind the NHS giveaway

The myth of the 1970s
In the 1970s, they say, the dead lay unburied, greedy unions held the country to ransom and a divided country was impossible to govern, John Medhurst asks: was it really so bad?

Mythbuster: Israel’s attack on Gaza
Tom Walker takes apart the excuses Israel is using to justify its massacre

The myth of the economic recovery
Hugo Radice and John Weeks examine George Osborne’s claims of an austerity-driven return to growth

Back to class: free schools and academies mythbuster
Red Pepper looks at the myths surrounding academies and free schools

Mythbuster: Home truths about housing
Red Pepper’s guide to the reality behind the housing crisis

Mythbuster: Immigration – the real story
Isabelle Koksal counters the right wing myths with some facts and figures

Mythbuster: Tall tales about welfare reform
Ben Baumberg, Kate Bell and Declan Gaffney tackle some of the most common welfare myths

Mythbuster: The truth about the unions
As the Tories and their pals in the press ratchet up the anti-strike rhetoric, Red Pepper knocks down some of the myths they throw at the unions

Pensions: what private finance doesn’t want you to know
Richard Minns and Sarah Sexton take on the lies about retirement provision

Higher education: the lie-busting low-down
Cristina Delgado Garcia and Luke Yates explain why university cuts aren’t fair or needed

There is an alternative – unlock the surplus
UK companies are sitting on £600 billion, writes Duncan Weldon

Countering the cuts myths
The government and the press say we are in the grip of a debt crisis caused by the 'bloated' public sector. Here, Red Pepper debunks the myths used to push cuts to jobs and public services