With Spain’s election looming, can Podemos do it?
In the run-up to Spain’s general election, David Ferreira looks at the factors behind Podemos’ failure to sustain its initial surge of support

Rebel cities: the citizen platforms in power
Kate Shea Baird reports on the successes, limitations and possibilities of citizen platforms after their first months in power in cities across Spain

Few heroes, one zero: the election and the left
James O'Nions scours the election results in search of succour for the left

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about voting
'The thing that surprises me is not that Westminster politics are found to be boring, but rather that so many journalists find them so interesting'

A party to dream of
When the left alternative goes unvoiced, the real choices unposed, democracy is drained of content, writes Mike Marqusee. That's why we need a new party of the left

Sexism and the left: Fight the (invisible) power
Recent controversies over allegations of sexual abuse and violence raise urgent questions about the dynamics of power and authority in our own organisations, argues Zoe Stavri

Facing reality – after the crisis in the SWP
John Palmer looks at some of the roots of the party's problems, and asks where the left can go from here

Bradford’s revolt: Why I left Labour to back Respect
Bradford community activist Naweed Hussein had been a member of the Labour Party since his teens – until he left to join George Galloway’s victorious by-election campaign. Here he speaks to Jenny Pearce

Why I resigned from the Green Party
Joseph Healy, a founder member of the Green Left, explains why he left the Green Party of England and Wales

Leanne Wood: Why I’m standing for the Plaid Cymru leadership
Leanne Wood AM sets out a socialist vision for Wales.

A revolutionary without a revolution
John Palmer on lessons learned from the life of socialist Tony Cliff

A Scottish tragedy
Liz Davies finds Alan McCombes’ account of Tommy Sheridan’s downfall painful but necessary

Oh yes, I’ve seen you on Question Time
In a handful of seats, there is a real chance that left and green candidates could be elected as MPs. Andrea D'Cruz went to Birmingham to check up on Salma Yaqoob's campaign for Respect, and to Brighton and Lewisham to assess the Green Party's prospects

A way to win
Looking outside Britain can restore your faith in the left's chances

Just a talking shop?
Do socialists' meetings have a structure problem?

Enough of elections already!
Some are keen to launch yet another unity party out of the convention. They're missing a much better idea

First impressions
There's potential here - but will it go anywhere?

Shouting at Labour
Screaming at Labour's conference centre might feel futile, but better that than trying to get inside.

Editorial: A place for the left
Hilary Wainwright says that the pull of national and local identities away from Westminster is a vital clue to understanding and preparing for the unravelling of New Labour

2014: A Tory dystopia
David Cameron's apple-pie promises and feel-good rhetoric might sweep him to power in 2010, but there's a yawning gap between the vagueness of his words and the likely consequences of his policies. Alex Nunns takes us on a trip into the future to see how Britain might look after four years of Tory rule

After the party
In 2004 the Fire Brigades Union disaffiliated from the Labour Party. FBU general secretary Matt Wrack explains what it has meant for the union politically

Radical renewal
If Labour is to stand any chance of resisting a long-term Tory hegemony, it is going to have to build a new progressive alliance with the Lib Dems, Greens and other smaller parties, argues Patrick Dunleavy. As a first step, it will have to move quickly to renew democratic legitimacy through constitutional and electoral reform

Burying the hatchet
The Convention of the Left couldn't be happening at a better time - but can the left really work together?

Car crash on the left
The increasingly bitter division of Respect into two conflicting factions looks set to destroy the most effective electoral challenge to the left of Labour in many years. Alex Nunns spoke to the main protagonists on either side of the split

Any Respect left?
With the implosion of Respect, Hilary Wainwright asks can anything be learnt for the future or is it a moment simply of despair?

Breaking up Britain
With Labour in danger of losing control at Holyrood, Roz Patterson looks at the politics of the SNP, the debates over independence, the tactics of the Greens and the frustrations and hopes of the Scottish Socialist Party of which she is a member

Fresh Spice: Red Pepper old and new
In October 2007 Red Pepper moves to a bigger, new-look bi-monthly format, at the same time as greatly expanding its web presence. Here co-editor Hilary Wainwright reviews its role in providing a platform and a voice for all those whose hopes of change in 1997 have been deflated by the Blatcherism that followed, but who still share a real sense of possibility for the future

Politics outside the box
Red Pepper's first issue came out 13 years ago this month, shortly before Tony Blair became Labour leader. As we celebrate outlasting him, and prepare for a new phase in our development (more of which later), Hilary Wainwright sets the wider scene for the independent left.

Busy being reborn
The Scottish Socialist Party has picked itself up after the 'Tommygate' shenanigans, says Roz Paterson, and is trying out new ways of building a socialist party

Solidarity forever
Tommy Sheridan says he wants to build a different kind of organisation, not continue to fight internal battles in the SSP