Know your enemy

Mogg-mentum? Thatcherite die-hard Jacob Rees-Mogg is no man of the people

18 July 2017 Adam Peggs says Rees-Mogg is no joke – he is a living embodiment of Britain's repulsive ruling elite

Disarming DSEI

25 August 2015 Andrew Smith writes about the campaign against London’s biennial arms fair and ending the worldwide arms trade

The tyrant’s lobbyist

5 November 2014 Emma Hughes reveals the interests behind an influential UK lobby, the European Azerbaijan Society


1 June 2014 Biofuelwatch gave spoof awards to polluters for the ‘biomess’ they’ve made. Oliver Munnion reports

Damage limitation: shining a light on Bell Pottinger

19 January 2014 Kara Moses and Tara Clarke explain why they glued themselves to the front door of one of the UK’s most influential public relations firms

Canary Wharf: the dark tower

5 June 2013 This month the sterile steel of Canary Wharf will play host to anti-G8 protests. Daniel Turi of Occupy London gives us the lowdown on the speculators’ skyscrapers

EDF’s abuse of power

15 April 2013 Power company EDF hit the headlines by threatening to sue climate campaigners for £5 million. Ewa Jasiewicz, one of the protesters, explains why they targeted the company

Getting rich on disability denial

19 February 2013 Debbie Jolly reports on US insurance giant Unum, whose ‘biopsychosocial model’ is being used to justify the devastating cuts in disability benefits

G4S: Private muscle for hire

3 December 2012 G4S's Olympic failure hasn’t stopped the government from handing it more services, Tim Hunt reports

The bankers’ friend

19 August 2011 Who controls the taxpayer-owned bailed out banks? Michael Moran and Karel Williams investigate

No sleep (or soup) for the homeless

14 June 2011 Westminster Council’s plans to criminalise homelessness are not the first time it has tried to rid the borough of the poor, writes Ellie Schling

Discrediting Britain

2 May 2011 Nick Dearden explains how the Export Credits Guarantee Department puts corporate profits above human rights

Atos: tick-box tyranny

27 February 2011 Tim Hunt looks at Atos, the company charged with assessing who should receive disability benefit

New radicals

30 November 2010 Lorna Stephenson looks at the US ‘Tea Party’ movement

Back to business as usual

24 August 2010 Hugo Radice looks at the Tories' so-called Office for Budget Responsibility and its role in the coalition's cuts agenda

Fiscal fire-raisers

16 June 2010 Three Credit Ratings Agencies hold huge and unaccountable power over the economic policies of whole countries, says Paul Cotterill

International Money Fiends

16 April 2010 The International Monetary Fund devastated the developing world - and now it's targeting eastern Europe, writes Nick Dearden

PR for the rich

3 December 2009 The 'Taxpayers' Alliance' has become a ubiquitous commentator on tax and government spending. Clifford Singer finds out who they really are

Biotech bonanza

22 November 2009 Last year's global food crisis made millions for agro-giant Monsanto. Tim Hunt fails to find any redeeming features in this corporate behemoth

The oil and gas bank

18 December 2008 The Royal Bank of Scotland has long ploughed money into fossil fuels - but now we own it, shouldn't it stop? Kevin Smith looks at the campaign to get the bank to take responsibility for climate damage

FIT for purpose?

1 December 2008 SchNEWS swings a long lens towards state surveillance

The foul stench of Firestone

1 June 2007 Slavery isn't dead, writes Robtel Neajai Pailey. Its modern-day variant is just found on a different kind of plantation

The high cost of calling

1 May 2007 From its sourcing of materials to its disposal of toxic waste, with the whole production process in between, the mobile phone business is repeating the same discredited practices as longer established industries. Dave Sambrook reports

Keeping it in the family

1 March 2007 Now it’s official. Big spending Hillary Clinton is seeking to take the US presidency back from one dynasty to another. Lucia Green-Weiskel reports

Dancing to a corporate tune

1 December 2006 It takes two to tango in the lobbying game - the lobbyist and the public official being lobbied. So pick your partners for the Worst EU Lobby awards. Owen Espley of the Corporate Europe Observatory reports

Britain’s global power empire

1 November 2006 What is the British government doing promoting electricity privatisation in the developing world? John Hilary reports on the government-owned multinational power company Globeleq

Business buys the G&Ts

28 October 2006 Summer schools for ‘gifted and talented’ teenagers are attracting growing corporate sponsorship. Does it matter who those sponsors are? Rosie Walker says it does

Every Lidl hurts

1 March 2005 The super-low prices of Lidl, Europe's answer to Wal-Mart come at a cost: the rights, wages and dignity of the company's workforce. Chris Leach reports

“Whiplash” Wilko

1 September 2004 Mark Barnsley reports on the high-street hardware store growing fat on the profits of prison slavery