With the rise of Corbyn, is there still a place for the Green Party?
Former Green principal speaker Derek Wall says the party may struggle in the battle for votes, but can still be important in the battle of ideas

This is why it’s an important time to support Caroline Lucas
A vital voice of dissent in Parliament: Caroline Lucas explains why she is asking for your help

Now is the time for a progressive alliance
Kenny MacAskill of the Scottish National Party says that only a progressive alliance can deliver us from Tory rule

Few heroes, one zero: the election and the left
James O'Nions scours the election results in search of succour for the left

When Greens govern
What are the chances of the Greens disappointing their supporters if they get into government? High, if the experience of their sister parties elsewhere in Europe is anything to go by, suggests Joseph Healy

How red are the Greens?
What lies behind the Green surge – and to what extent can they be considered a new vehicle for the left? Andrew Dolan reports

Brighton & Hove’s council tax referendum: the pros and cons
Ed Jones looks at the rights and wrongs of a referendum on whether to raise council tax by 4.75 per cent in order to protect services

Brighton Greens call for council tax referendum
Green Party-led Brighton council is planning a referendum on whether to raise council tax, to avoid implementing the latest round of Tory cuts. Green MEP Keith Taylor gives his view

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about voting
'The thing that surprises me is not that Westminster politics are found to be boring, but rather that so many journalists find them so interesting'

The Brighton pay dispute: the union view
GMB union organiser Rob Macey puts the workers' side of the argument

The pay dispute at Brighton council: a Green view
Davy Jones, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, gives his view of a dispute that has caused huge debate among Green Party members in the city and across the country

Radicals at the table – Natalie Bennett interview
Natalie Bennett, the new Green Party leader, speaks to Andrew Bowman and Michael Calderbank

The Brighton debate: Which way for the first Green-led council?
Red Pepper brings together Green councillors and Green Left activists to debate the Brighton budget

A Brighton shade of Green
What is the wider significance of the Greens' success in Brighton and how can they build on it? Hilary Wainwright caught up with the party's new MP Caroline Lucas as she set up office in Westminster

Oh yes, I’ve seen you on Question Time
In a handful of seats, there is a real chance that left and green candidates could be elected as MPs. Andrea D'Cruz went to Birmingham to check up on Salma Yaqoob's campaign for Respect, and to Brighton and Lewisham to assess the Green Party's prospects

The rise of European Bobo politics
Cohn-Bendit's Europe Ecologie victory in France emboldens the Green right across Europe but does it also mean the death of traditional green principles asks Leigh Philips

What’s the deal?
Davy Jones talked to Caroline Lucas about the fate and future of the Green New Deal, which she helped to launch nearly a year ago along with the New Economics Foundation and others

Green jobs to beat recession
Jean Lambert says what the UK now needs is new green jobs and training for a new green economy

A Green New Deal
Jim Jepps and Rupert Read say the UK needs a 'Green New Deal' to tackle the 'triple crunch' of credit, oil prices and climate change

Does the Green Party need a leader? The case against
Leadership in the plural _ By Shahrar Ali

Does the Green Party need a leader? The case for
There is nothing left about having no leader _ By Rupert Read

Socialism by stealth?
Dave Osler argues the Green Party can never become a popular front for the achievement of socialism

Red questions seeking green answers
Mary Mellor poses some socialist questions for greens

A class act in Oxford
A small left party, pro-working class and anti-multiculturalism, has been winning council seats on Britain's largest council estate. Zoe Jewell reports

There is no way forward for a coalition
The Greens are a small party, with no mega sponsors and no state funding. We have to work quite hard for each vote we get, but that effort means a great deal to the people who give us their votes.

Why I joined the Greens
Peter Tatchell says the Greens are now the radical left party.

After 30 years, the Green Party comes of age
Against the odds the Green Party is 30 years old. For those of us on the inside, getting past 1981 looked doubtful and it was perhaps both a surprise and a relief to reach the 1990s. The British political system has traditionally been unforgiving to new parties. But the party has survived, is growing and is making an electoral impact: it has seven MSPs, two MEPs and numerous councillors. Most important of all, it is now a party of the left.

Darker shades of green
Derek Wall traces the thread of ecofascism through the Green movement's history