The banks’ real stress test is still to come

15 April 2012 The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

The stability obsession

14 April 2012 Ian Bruff explores the roots of Germany’s obsession with budgetary prudence and economic stability, which is driving austerity in Europe

Spain: only the resistance offers hope

13 April 2012 From the 'indignados' to elections and general strikes, Javier Navascués reflects on growing resistance to neoliberalism and austerity across Spain

Greece: More than a demonstration, less than a revolt

12 April 2012 Alex Nunns reports from Athens on the human consequences of the austerity measures, and how they are being resisted

A different kind of Europe? Responses to Trevor Evans

10 April 2012 How do we respond to the euro crisis? Susan George, Paolo Gerbaudo, Donatella della Porta and James Meadway write

A different kind of Europe

15 March 2012 Trevor Evans outlines the basis for a progressive pan-European response to the euro crisis

The consequences of the EU bank rescue

12 March 2012 Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.

Greece: how to avoid a social default

16 February 2012 Panagiotis Sotiris argues that stopping the debt repayments is the only way to avoid the devastation of Greece

Leanne Wood: Why I’m standing for the Plaid Cymru leadership

30 January 2012 Leanne Wood AM sets out a socialist vision for Wales.

The euro: break or remake?

12 December 2011 Kenneth Haar opens our debate about the future of the euro

Food for thought: food sovereignty in Europe

4 December 2011 Dan Iles hears from food sovereignty activists from across the continent

Achub S4C: ‘We want to show there is a place for Welsh’

3 December 2011 Amy Hall talks to the activists fighting to save the only Welsh language television channel

One small Greek island’s relentless struggle to get by

2 December 2011 Chris Jones on what Greece's crisis means for daily life on the island of Samos

Time to pay up!

1 October 2011 David Hillman explains why taxing the financial sector has never been so important - and why success may only be a few months away

Left blocked

28 August 2011 An interview with Portugese Left Bloc activist Ricardo Sá Ferreira

Los indignados: the emerging politics of outrage

27 August 2011 Paolo Gerbaudo on the protests that have swept southern Europe

A road made by walking

1 August 2011 Oscar Reyes reports from Spain on an ‘indignant’ movement that continues to spread and diversify

Drug club: Spain’s alternative cannabis economy

29 June 2011 Nick Buxton examines the experience of cannabis social clubs in Spain

Society-wide anger

18 June 2011 Leigh Phillips talked to Debtocracy director Aris Chatzistefanou about the left and the current situation in Greece

Portugal: The EU’s managed democracy

18 April 2011 The bail-out has been the perfect excuse for Europe to bypass Portuguese citizens entirely, says Leigh Phillips

Holyrood hopes

14 April 2011 Ken Ferguson asks how the Scottish left can respond to anger at the Westminster cuts consensus

Don’t let your slightly racist gran be the only one to take on Europe’s silent coup

8 April 2011 In the biggest shift of powers to the EU in 50 years, under Europe’s new system of ‘economic governance’, Brussels gets a veto over all wage, public spending, and taxation decisions

The creaking European austerity machine

27 February 2011 Austerity could spell the end for the euro, argues Leigh Phillips

Getting off our knees?

29 November 2010 As austerity bites across Europe, Leigh Phillips surveys the resistance

Striking for dignity in Spain

5 October 2010 Javier Navascués on the impact of Spain's general strike

Get along, move along, shift…

27 September 2010 The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Let our truth stand as their truth too

21 June 2010 Eamonn McCann's statement read outside Guildhall on behalf of the Bloody Sunday families

No one wants a return to violence

21 June 2010 Tony Cook, behind the award-winning documentary Secret History: Bloody Sunday, says while there was no 'Truth and Reconciliation Committee', there is an understanding among the community that the Troubles are behind them

Bloody Sunday: the wait is over

21 June 2010 Brilliant report for Bloody Sunday families: Not a bad result for the British Army either. Eamonn McCann on the Saville Report released 15 June 2010

Europe’s co-op boom

16 June 2010 In some parts of Europe, workers' co-operatives are well-established parts of the economy

‘Sin Patron’ in Dundee?

29 May 2010 The Prisme packaging factory in Dundee was perhaps the first in the country to be occupied and to successfully take production under workers control. David Whyte visits the factory a year after the occupation

Government eats up the Greens

11 March 2010 Former leading Irish Green Party member Bronwen Maher rues her ex-colleagues' continuing support for the centre-right coalition government in Ireland

What’s left in Eastern Europe

24 January 2010 While the Left Party in Germany scored 12 per cent in the recent Bundestag elections, in the rest of eastern Europe the left still languishes in the post-Soviet doldrums. Leigh Phillips spoke to Stefan Zgliczynski and Jane Hardy about its prospects

Europe’s far left narrowly misses a hat-trick

7 October 2009 Leigh Phillips analyses the far left results in the recent German, Portugese and Greek elections

Border stories

1 October 2009 Frances Webber investigates the tabloid fantasies and desperate realities surrounding migrants in Calais

Europe’s far right rises

31 August 2009 The British National Party will be joined in the European parliament by far-right parties from across the continent. But how much support are fascists and racists really picking up? Tom Walker investigates

The rise of European Bobo politics

31 August 2009 Cohn-Bendit's Europe Ecologie victory in France emboldens the Green right across Europe but does it also mean the death of traditional green principles asks Leigh Philips

Reality check for the left

28 June 2009 If the collapse of capitalism can't improve the left's chances, what will? {Red Pepper's} Europe correspondent, Leigh Phillips, surveys the political landscape after the European elections

Can the Green Left rescue Iceland?

28 June 2009 The collapse of the Icelandic banks and economy has created the first left victory of the current economic crisis, says Derek Wall

What a waste!

24 June 2009 Politicians across Europe are hailing the European Investment Bank's (EIB) stimulus packages. But is the bank squandering billions bailing out unviable and environmentally-damaging industries? Tom Greenwood reports

Apathy of the discontented

30 May 2009 Almost 500 million people were entitled to vote in this year's European elections. Yet between the lobbyists and the bureaucrats, it's hard to claim the EU is a continental-scale democracy. Leigh Phillips asks who pulls the strings in Europe, and what we can do about it

Breaking Europe’s left-right ‘grand coalition’

30 May 2009 Carl Schlyter, a Green MEP from Sweden, has battled in the European Parliament over nanotechnology, internet freedoms and unfair trade agreements with developing countries. Unlike many Greens, however, he is a firm opponent of the Lisbon Treaty and backer of EU democratic reform

Far right prospects in the European elections

27 May 2009 Graeme Atkinson on the far right parties and candidates standing in the upcoming European Parliament elections

Almost revolutionary

16 February 2009 John Mullen looks at the new hopes on France's radical left, where two new left parties and a looser federation are being founded

A cowardly failure to act

1 February 2009 Luisa Morgantini, MEP for the European United Left and vice president of the European Parliament, condemns Europe and the international community for its inaction over Israel and the Palestinians, and calls for tough action

The revenge of life

1 February 2009 As protesters continue to fill the squares of Athens, the two ministers targeted by the demonstrators have gone - but the young people who took to the streets after the police had killed one of them had a lot more in mind than a cabinet reshuffle. Two participant observers, Ilias Ziogas and Akis Gavrilidis, sent us interim interpretations of the intense resistance that is shaking Greek political institutions

France’s new anti-capitalist party

10 January 2009 There's been surprisingly little discussion in the UK on the launch of the 'new anti-capitalist party' in France. Jim Jepps spoke to John Mullen, the editor of Socialisme International, to find out more

Is England up for it?

24 October 2008 The slow but steady break-up of the United Kingdom signals a new progressive nationalism in Wales as well as Scotland, argues Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly member Leanne Wood. It could also open up new possibilities in England - but is the English left ready for them?

Grown up and independent

14 October 2008 Actress and comedian Elaine C Smith, convenor of the Convention for Scottish Independence, took a long time to cross what she describes as the 'mythical bridge' to a belief in independence. She argues now that there is no going back, and that independence will release the radicalism generated by the Scottish Enlightenment but held back by 300 years of being tied to the United Kingdom

Which part of No don’t they understand?

4 August 2008 When the EU constitution was rejected in 2005, European leaders resolved that the people of Europe would not get a vote on its replacement. But Ireland's constitution forced one exception, and the Irish promptly rejected the Lisbon treaty. Westby Swift looks at why the Irish voted No, what the EU plans to do about it and how the left should respond

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