A very social economist

14 September 2017 Hilary Wainwright says the ideas of Robin Murray, who died in June, offer a practical alternative to neoliberalism

Put public purpose at the heart of government

22 August 2017 Victoria Chick stresses the need to restore the public good to economic decision-making

The economic crash, ten years on

8 August 2017 A decade after the start of the crash, economic power is in our hands – we must take it, writes Ann Pettifor

Contagion: how the crisis spread

24 June 2017 Following on from his essay, How Empire Struck Back, Walden Bello speaks to TNI's Nick Buxton about how the financial crisis spread from the USA to Europe

How empire struck back

24 June 2017 Walden Bello dissects the failure of Barack Obama's 'technocratic Keynesianism' and explains why this led to Donald Trump winning the US presidency

Disrupting the City of London Corporation elections

14 March 2017 The City of London Corporation is one of the most secretive and least understood institutions in the world, writes Luke Walter

Back to basics

28 October 2016 Barb Jacobson on the campaign for an unconditional basic income

A world without work: an interview with Nick Srnicek, co-author of Inventing the Future

16 October 2016 The World Transformed organiser Joseph Todd speaks to Nick Srnicek about his recent book making the case for a post-work society

The ‘new colonialism’: Rio Tinto in Madagascar

12 July 2016 As its wealth is seized by foreign interests, Africa is facing a colonial invasion in many ways as devastating as the one it suffered in the nineteenth century. Ross Hemingway reports.

Building a progressive majority: Left strategy after the Brexit vote

27 June 2016 After the EU referendum we are seeing both horror at anti-migrant sentiment and pandering to it, writes Joseph Todd – but only a radical economic offer can carve a way through

Why the City loves the EU

15 June 2016 David Cameron’s EU deal has made the fight for democratic control of finance even 
more difficult, writes 
Kenneth Haar

Corbynomics can work – once you know that economics is never ‘neutral’

29 February 2016 Neil Faulkner argues that the biggest barrier to Jeremy Corbyn's rational economic policy is the huge profits the super-rich are making from an irrational one

Ignore the critics, Labour is right to consider a basic income

18 February 2016 A universal basic income isn’t something for nothing, but rather a recognition of a right to a meaningful life beyond the needs of the market, writes Andrew Dolan

Inequality: the slow revolution

1 December 2014 In an extract from his new book, Inequality and the 1%, Danny Dorling argues that we need a nonviolent war of attrition against the rich

The myth of the 1970s

23 October 2014 In the 1970s, they say, the dead lay unburied, greedy unions held the country to ransom and a divided country was impossible to govern, John Medhurst asks: was it really so bad?

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the economy

31 May 2014 'Osborne looks like a man who can’t believe his luck'

Summer event: the Spark

15 May 2014 A week of workshops, films, discussions, poetry, music, art and more, looking at the fight for social justice in the UK and around the world to take place in June

Stagnation and securitisation: understanding the 2008 financial crisis

6 May 2014 Jack Copley provides an introduction to An Angry Person's Guide to Finance — a free Red Pepper pamphlet

An Angry Person’s Guide to Finance – a free Red Pepper pamphlet

19 March 2014 On budget day, we launch a new Red Pepper pamphlet by Jack Copley, aimed at making sense of the complex and frustrating financial world

To challenge global capitalism we must first understand it: an interview with Leo Panitch

23 January 2014 Leo Panitch speaks to Peter Newell and Sam Knafo about his book The Making of Global Capitalism – and what it means for strategy and action aimed at ‘un-making’ capitalism

Keeping faith with the Co-op

19 January 2014 Can a customer campaign maintain the Co-op Bank’s ethical policy and eventually remutualise it? It’s not that far fetched, argues Shaun Fensom

Time for a Basic Income

7 November 2013 One year ago Red Pepper published a piece on the Basic Income, is it time to consider this idea a little more seriously? writes Andrew Dolan

Co-op Bank: the David that wanted to be a Goliath

21 October 2013 The Co-operative Bank’s sudden financial crisis triggers memories of 2008. Daniel Tischer says a hunger for reckless growth was the Co-op’s tragic flaw

David Harvey interview: The importance of postcapitalist imagination

21 August 2013 From housing to wages, David Harvey says examining capitalism's contradictions can point the way towards an alternative world

Straight outta Kilburn: a manifesto to challenge neoliberalism

31 May 2013 If neoliberalism has failed, why does it keep on going? Red Pepper caught up with the authors of the ‘Kilburn Manifesto’ to discuss their effort to find fresh ways out of the impasse

Fingers in the PFI

11 April 2013 Twenty years on from the introduction of the private finance initiative (PFI), Dexter Whitfield examines the effect it has had – and how it’s set to get worse under new Tory plans

An income of one’s own: the citizen’s income

17 October 2012 Bill Jordan says the citizen’s income is an idea whose time has come

The who, what and where of work

15 October 2012 Karel Williams, Sukhdev Johal and Andrew Bowman introduce our 'The future isn't working' theme by looking at industrial strategy

The financial enclosure of the commons

1 September 2012 Finance capital is seeking to extend the privatisation of natural resources we hold in common, writes Antonio Tricarico

A different way of doing things

20 May 2012 Robin Murray explores the potential of co-ops to form the basis of an alternative economy

A bank worth backing

18 May 2012 Christopher Hird looks at how the Co-op Bank has fared in the financial crisis

Co-operatise the state?

14 May 2012 Can the co-op movement be one source of alternatives to marketisation? Hilary Wainwright explores

It’s all at the co-op

12 May 2012 Jim Keogan reports on how co-ops are combining economic resilience with egalitarianism

The banks’ real stress test is still to come

15 April 2012 The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

Plan B and beyond

9 April 2012 Dexter Whitfield argues that Compass’s alternative economic strategy, Plan B, is not enough

Richard Wilkinson interview: ‘The Spirit Level’ three years on

27 March 2012 Tom Robinson talks to Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, the influential book on inequality which is now being made into a documentary

The consequences of the EU bank rescue

12 March 2012 Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.

The euro: break or remake?

12 December 2011 Kenneth Haar opens our debate about the future of the euro

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about a planned economy

11 December 2011 'Millions of people have mind-numbing and soul-destroying jobs manufacturing crap we don’t need'

Time to pay up!

1 October 2011 David Hillman explains why taxing the financial sector has never been so important - and why success may only be a few months away

Behind the bankers’ mask

20 August 2011 In the context of another financial crisis, debt audits could offer a way to counter the power of big finance. Nick Dearden introduces a special Red Pepper dossier

Economic crisis and post-capitalism

29 May 2011 Mat Little interviews the economist Harry Shutt about economic crisis and the left alternative

Debt audits and a new economic vision

11 May 2011 Nick Dearden reports from an activist conference on austerity and debt in Athens

The 2011 Budget and its global context

30 March 2011 Hugo Radice picks apart Osborne's budget, and predicts difficult times ahead for the UK economy.

Bad news and more bad news?

28 January 2011 Hugo Radice on the UK's latest GDP figures, and how they relate to the global economic context.

There is an alternative – unlock the surplus

22 December 2010 UK companies are sitting on £600 billion, writes Duncan Weldon

Private debt, public pain: lessons for Ireland

20 December 2010 Nick Dearden and Tim Jones from Jubilee Debt Campaign on standing up to global finance.

The illusion of poverty reduction

30 September 2010 'Microfinance' is much-celebrated, but has a terrible record, argues Milford Bateman

Countering the cuts myths

5 August 2010 The government and the press say we are in the grip of a debt crisis caused by the 'bloated' public sector. Here, Red Pepper debunks the myths used to push cuts to jobs and public services

We are the crisis of capital

16 June 2010 John Holloway, author of Change the World Without Taking Power, argues that our response to the global economic crisis should be to create spaces outside of capitalism, not demand that it exploits us better

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