Soaked in blood

17 June 2011 Lorna Stephenson reviews The Devil’s Milk: a social history of rubber by John Tully

The ladder of escape

16 June 2011 Michael Calderbank considers utopian dreaming and political engagement in the Joan Miró exhibition at Tate Modern

Maria and her mangoes

16 June 2011 Christine Haigh reviews The Fair Trade Revolution by John Bowes (ed)

Poster people

24 May 2011 James O'Nions reviews Celebrate People’s History: the poster book of resistance and revolution

Web freedom

23 May 2011 Tim Hunt reviews An Open Web

Branding the revolution

22 May 2011 Ross Eventon reviews A Poetics of Resistance: the revolutionary public relations of the Zapatista insurgency

Mass movements and Morales

21 May 2011 David Broder reviews From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia

Salvaging the socialist cause

15 May 2011 Richard Seymour reviews Eric Hobsbawm's latest book, and a new biography of this influential historian

Capital ideas

7 May 2011 Ingo Scmidt discusses the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg's Accumulation of Capital

Reading Rosa

26 April 2011 Peter Hudis, editor of the newly published Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, speaks to Red Pepper

Palestine’s wandering poet

26 April 2011 Mike Marqusee on Mahmoud Darwish, the poet of the Palestinian people

Theatre Uncut: Art attack

26 April 2011 Red Pepper investigates a theatre project dramatising the cuts

Moving to the Latin beat

6 March 2011 Dancing with Dynamite: Social movements and states in Latin America, by Benjamin Dangl (AK Press), reviewed by Mike Geddes

Joining the dots

6 March 2011 Whose Crisis, Whose Future? Towards A Greener, Fairer, Richer World, by Susan George (Polity Press), reviewed by Sylvie Wynn

Birthday verse

6 March 2011 The Verso Book of Dissent: From Spartacus to the Shoe Thrower of Baghdad, edited by Andrew Hsiao and Audrea Lim, reviewed by Jennie Bailey

A timely jolt

6 March 2011 Jilted Generation, by Ed Howker and Shiv Malik (Icon Books), reviewed by Adam Ramsay

Unabashed history

6 March 2011 Beating the Fascists: The untold story of Anti-Fascist Action, by Sean Birchall (Freedom Press), reviewed by Ben Aylott

Countering capitalism

6 March 2011 The Great Transformation, by Karl Polanyi, reviewed by Tom Malleson


27 February 2011 The performances of art activists Liberate Tate are celebrated in a new postcard collection.

Machete: The action hero gets political

4 February 2011 Severed limbs and a splatter of anti-capitalism. Raph Schlembach watches Machete

Illegal Art: Recreating records

4 February 2011 Red Pepper talks to Illegal Art founder Philo T Farnsworth

The ninth art meets the fourth estate

5 January 2011 Leigh Phillips traces the emergence of comic-book journalism

Review: The war you don’t see

21 December 2010 J. Sadie Clifford on John Pilger's latest documentary.

The media war you don’t see

12 December 2010 Red Pepper's Latin America editor Pablo Navarrete interviews John Pilger ahead of the release of his new film, 'The War You Don't See.'

Have your steak and eat it

30 November 2010 Meat: a benign extravagance, by Simon Fairlie (Permanent Publications), reviewed by Christine Haigh

The case of the state

30 November 2010 Isabel Parrot assesses the continuing relevance of In and Against the State

Turbulent tome

30 November 2010 What Would it Mean to Win? by Turbulence Collective (PM Press), reviewed by James O’Nions

A need to go further

30 November 2010 The Rise of the Green Left, by Derek Wall (Pluto Press), reviewed by Peter McColl

Braver together

30 November 2010 The Language of Silence, by Merilyn Moos (Cressida Press/Writersworld), reviewed by Amanda Sebestyen

Absent voices

30 November 2010 Pornland: How porn has hijacked our sexuality, by Gail Dines (Beacon Press), reviewed by Jennie O’Hara

Banners high

29 November 2010 Peter Lazenby reviews an exhibition of the work of Britain’s most important trade union banner maker

Media empowerment

27 September 2010 Siobhan McGuirk talks to the Adbusters Media Foundation

The art of protest

27 September 2010 Gavin Grindon looks at convergences of the political and the aesthetic

An idealist and a sceptic

27 September 2010 In his best work, director John Ford depicted a complex world through the lens of an understated but powerful critique says Mike Marqusee

From Barking to Venice

27 September 2010 Siobhan McGuirk meets collaborative art and architecture practice muf

The construction of (un)reality

27 September 2010 James O'Nions reviews a compelling piece of invented history at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Trotsky faction

27 September 2010 Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna (Faber and Faber), reviewed by James O'Nions

Dark urban fantasies

27 September 2010 Stephen Graham's Cities Under Siege: the new military urbanism (Verso), reviewed by Matthew Carr

Time to be communists again

27 September 2010 Alain Badiou's The Communist Hypothesis (Verso), reviewed by Bertie Russell

No easy answers

27 September 2010 Kolya Abramsky's Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution (AK Press), reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Optimism of the will

27 September 2010 Noam Chomsky's Hopes and Prospects (Hamish Hamilton), reviewed by Nick Dearden

Demanding the impossible

27 September 2010 Alastair Hemmens celebrates a book that had a major influence on 'les événements' of 1968

South of the Border

28 July 2010 Oliver Stone's new documentary chronicles the emergence of progressive governments in Latin America. Roberto Navarrete talks to him and Tariq Ali, one of the film's scriptwriters.

Fierce urgency

25 July 2010 Beyond the Tipping Point? Director: Stefan Skrimshire ‘That it goes on like this is the catastrophe,’ the German critic Walter Benjamin once wrote, a comment all the more prescient given that our present lifestyles threaten to change the climate beyond the point of reversability. This film is not about the climate science behind the suggestion […]

Left tide

25 July 2010 Samuel Grove reviews South of the Border, directed by Oliver Stone

Craft work

25 July 2010 Music producer Matthew Herbert's inventive methods are informed by a critical perspective on the wider politics of production and consumption under contemporary capitalism, finds Brendan Montague

Determined to do it

25 July 2010 Dreamers of a New Day: Women Who Invented the 20th Century by Sheila Rowbotham (Verso), reviewed by Andrea D'Cruz

A living gallery of resistance

25 July 2010 Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine by William Parry (Pluto), reviewed by Mike Marqusee

Making noise for Africa

25 July 2010 Speaking Truth to Power by Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem (Fahamu Books & Pambazuka Press), reviewed by Fatima Mujtaba

Italia ’76

25 July 2010 More Work! Less Pay! Rebellion and Repression in Italy 1972-77 by Phil Edwards (Manchester University Press), reviewed by Paul Anderson

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