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‘We are as Gods.’ The legacy of the Whole Earth Catalog

1 October 2013 Steve Jobs said it was like ‘Google in paperback’. Hilary Wainwright reports from an exhibition and conference centred on the Whole Earth Catalog, first published in 1968

Into the Fire: a different picture of Greece

15 September 2013 Guy Taylor watches an important and urgent film about refugees in Greece caught between the repression of Fortress Europe and the street violence of Golden Dawn

Revolutionary rehearsals

6 September 2013 Lorna Stephenson looks at theatre groups giving a voice to the voiceless – and making social change happen in the process

Fighting a plague

27 August 2013 Mark Pendleton reviews two film histories of the inspiring story of AIDS activism in the US

The people’s painter

26 August 2013 Tate Britain’s L S Lowry exhibition seeks to rescue his work from the enormous condescension of the art world. Michael Calderbank spoke to co-curator Anne Wagner

Giving homeless young people a voice through theatre

15 August 2013 Edd Mustill reviews Home, a play at the National Theatre Shed

Fighting and winning: the struggle for the Hackney Empire

15 August 2013 Taking on the Empire: How We Saved the Hackney Empire for Popular Theatre by Roland Muldoon, reviewed by Jane Shallice

Syria: The Physio

8 August 2013 Graphic reportage from the Syrian border, by Jon Sack

Radical wormholes: our favourite science fiction

5 August 2013 Debra Benita Shaw picks her top ten sci-fi novels that punch holes in capitalist reality

Other worlds are possible: science fiction authors roundtable

5 August 2013 Leigh Phillips joins authors Gwyneth Jones, Marge Piercy, Ken MacLeod and Kim Stanley Robinson to discuss the role of science fiction in extending the radical horizons of our imaginations

Uhuru Lumumba! A Season in the Congo review

23 July 2013 Catherine Hoskyns reviews A Season in the Congo at London's Young Vic

The Knife shake it to the left

4 July 2013 The haunting and abrasive new album from The Knife challenges common assumptions about political music, says James Taylor

Oil City: campaigning theatre

19 June 2013 Siobhan McGuirk experiences Oil City, an immersive, site-specific play produced by campaign group Platform

K – Tales of the disappeared

5 June 2013 Jan Rocha writes on Bernado Kucinski’s novel K, with its insight into the experience of military dictatorship in Brazil

Modern as tomorrow: Gangsters

1 June 2013 Capitalism is a racket, its power underwritten by violence. BBC TV’s Gangsters from the 1970s has a depth of insight that most contemporary dramas lack, argues Frank Carney

The Condition of the Working Class: what’s changed?

21 May 2013 Filmmakers Mike Wayne and Deirdre O’Neill discuss their new Engels-inspired documentary, The Condition of the Working Class, with Clive James Nwonka

Days of hope: The Spirit of ’45 review

25 April 2013 Ken Loach’s The Spirit of ’45 is not just an exercise in nostalgia but a compelling intervention into the politics of the present, writes Alex Nunns

Film review: The Gatekeepers

17 April 2013 Brian Precious reviews a documentary that shows the calculated brutality of Israel’s security services – using their own words

Review: Riots Reframed

9 April 2013 Michael Pooler reviews a film that gives an alternative view of the 2011 riots

Singing our stories

28 March 2013 Socialist singer-songwriter Dave Boardman reviews Union Made, the new album by radical folk supergroup Union of Folk

The Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan: an alternative vision of hip hop

22 March 2013 Kaspar Loftin says a caravan across Africa is a revitalisation of the genre’s original political power

Degenerates remembered

22 January 2013 Ian Hunter looks at an exhibition and project remembering persecuted artist Kurt Schwitters

Call this art?

10 December 2012 The Artist Placement Group brought artistic practice to British workplaces in the 1960s and 1970s. Janna Graham reviews a new exhibition of their work

Riot from Wrong: An example of what journalism could look like

24 November 2012 Koos Couvée reviews a film about the riots that gives a different point of view

Chumbawamba: One last time

27 October 2012 Chumbawamba, the anarchist band that topped the charts and tipped an ice bucket over John Prescott, have decided to call it a day. Founder member Boff Whalley explains why

Live art: In here or out there?

25 October 2012 From oil tanks to magic forests, Andy Field considers some of the unlikely homes offered to live art

Film: Who Polices the Police?

24 October 2012 Ken Fero, director of 'Who Policies The Police?' writes about the making of the film which examines the complicity of the IPCC in deaths in custody and the struggle of one family for justice

Manifesta 9: Genk

9 October 2012 Jane Shallice reports from Manifesta in Genk, a biennial Europe-wide contemporary art exhibition which this year had a coal mining theme

Bring on your wrecking ball: the politics of Bruce Springsteen

28 September 2012 Huw Beynon and Steve Davies consider the significance of an artist whose new album targets the bankers’ crisis

Shedcasting in Surbiton

26 September 2012 Michael Calderbank visits the suburban garden of radio broadcaster and DJ Mark Coles, an unlikely location for an internet-based radio show

Arab streetwise: the counter-culture of the revolutions

25 August 2012 The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have been sustained by an active countercultural scene, discovers Lorenzo Fe

Alan Morrison: A polemical poet

5 August 2012 Jan Goodey meets poet Alan Morrison and explores his latest work on mental illness

Ill Manors, reductionist politics?

21 June 2012 Plan B's debut film portrays extreme anti-social behaviour in working-class and ethnic minority communities. The film could prove to be Conservative propaganda for Broken Britain, argues Clive Nwonka

Review: The Missing Billions

18 June 2012 As UK Uncut win their case at the high court to challenge the Goldman Sachs tax deal, Kitty Webster reviews the new documentary 'The Missing Billions'

Fence Records: ‘We’re not trendy, we’re not competing, we just do our thing’

6 June 2012 Johnny Lynch (aka The Pictish Trail) tells Emma Hughes that artist-run record label Fence is staying true to its roots

Review: La Grande Illusion

28 April 2012 As a digitally restored version is released, Michael Pooler revisits Jean Renoir's anti-war masterpiece

Venezuela’s hip-hop revolutionaries

30 March 2012 Jody McIntyre and Pablo Navarrete report on Venezuela’s Hip Hop Revolución movement

Epitaph to a generation: John Akomfrah interview

9 March 2012 Siobhan McGuirk speaks to John Akomfrah about his new film – and the 2011 riots

Blockbusters only please, we’re British!

26 January 2012 Filmmaker Clive Nwonka responds to the recently published UK Film Policy Review paper, and David Cameron’s questionable stance on film funding.

A night at the multiplex: an interview with Mark Kermode

21 December 2011 Sean Gittins talks to Mark Kermode about modern cinema and the role of the film critic

Off with their heads! An interview with Martin Rowson

15 December 2011 Red Pepper speaks to Martin Rowson about his 30-plus years as a scourge of the political establishment

Review: Black Power Mixtape

14 December 2011 Selina Nwulu reviews new civil rights movement documentary Black Power Mixtape

Beyond bling-bling: rap in Cuba

1 December 2011 Cuba’s isolation has seen hip hop develop in a different direction, discovers Sujatha Fernandes

Fox among the paintings

29 November 2011 Daisy Jones takes aim at BBC4’s quixotic attempt to wrap modernist art in a union jack

Review: The Fear Factory

26 November 2011 Polemic documentary challenges sensationalist media portrayal of youth crime, but suffers from staid approach and lack of young voices, says Georgia Rooney


20 October 2011 Amy Hall reviews the film 'Unwatchable' but finds real life even more disturbing

Gil Scott-Heron: Speakin’ for a whole generation

20 August 2011 Steve Pretty looks at the musical and political life of the poet

Crowd allowed

4 August 2011 Siobhan McGuirk on the way inspiring new documentary Just Do It was made

Film review: Unwrapping the drugs debate

4 July 2011 Siobhan McGuirk reviews ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’, a documentary that asks good questions but avoids too many answers

Talking the talk

27 June 2011 Chris Browne goes to Mutiny’s latest ‘On Trial’ event

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