Classic book: Bolo’Bolo
Gareth Brown looks at Bolo’Bolo, a proposal for collective living

Not playing by the book: radical children’s reads
Children’s literature can be an important playground for kids to think critically and conceive of a better world. Kitty Webster explores what’s out there for little rebels to read

Reclaiming the past – All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal
All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal: reading history from below, by Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts, reviewed by Dave Featherstone

Anabaptists and pirates – Altai
Altai, by Wu Ming, reviewed by Ben Lear

The dark heart of Europe – Corporate Europe
Corporate Europe: how big business sets policies on food, climate and war, by David Cronin, reviewed by John Hilary

A drama in three acts – Fortunes of Feminism
Fortunes of Feminism: from state-managed capitalism to neoliberal crisis, by Nancy Fraser, reviewed by Nina Power

Classic book: Things Fall Apart
Desiree Reynolds looks at Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Personal critique – Why are We the Good Guys?
Why are We the Good Guys? Reclaiming your mind from the delusions of propaganda, by David Cromwell, reviewed by Richard Goulding

State of mind – The Invention of the Land of Israel
The Invention of the Land of Israel: from holy land to homeland, by Shlomo Sand, reviewed by Richard Kuper

Dictating the agenda – Murdoch’s Politics
Murdoch’s Politics: how one man’s thirst for wealth and power shapes our world, by David McKnight, reviewed by Benedetta Brevini

Marching on to war – The March That Shook Blair
The March That Shook Blair: An oral history of 15 February 2003, by Ian Sinclair, reviewed by Paul Anderson

Two brains to rub together – Genes, Cells and Brains
Genes, Cells and Brains: the Promethean promises of the new biology, by Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, reviewed by Alice Bell

Fighting and winning: the struggle for the Hackney Empire
Taking on the Empire: How We Saved the Hackney Empire for Popular Theatre by Roland Muldoon, reviewed by Jane Shallice

Soldier Box: an antidote to the government line
Soldier Box by Joe Glenton, reviewed by Josh Watts

Review – You Can’t Evict an Idea
Liam Sheehan reviews You Can't Evict an Idea, by Tim Gee

Classic book: The Bell Jar
Mel Evans takes a look back at The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, 50 years on

Paper walls – Borderline Justice
Borderline Justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights, by Frances Webber, reviewed by Matt Carr

Revenge of the east – From the Ruins of Empire
From the Ruins of Empire: the revolt against the west and the remaking of Asia, by Pankaj Mishra, reviewed by Jonathan Steele

GDP: A not so magic number
Gross Domestic Problem: the politics behind the world’s most powerful number, by Lorenzo Fioramonti, reviewed by Marco Berlinguer

Women’s arrows – New South Asian Feminisms
New South Asian Feminisms: paradoxes and possibilities by Srila Roy (ed), reviewed by Adele Webb

Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship
Haiti’s New Dictatorship by Justin Podur, reviewed by James O’Nions

‘Never again!’ says Germany’s anti-national movement
Raphael Schlembach reviews Against the Nation: Anti-National Politics in Germany, by Robert Ogman

Classic book: Further fragments
As Beyond the Fragments by Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright is set to be republished, Jane Wills looks at its significance

Cruel Britannia: Brute detail
Cruel Britannia: a secret history of torture, by Ian Cobain, reviewed by Frances Webber

Catastrophism: The truth won’t set you free
Catastrophism, by Sasha Lilley, David McNally, Eddie Yuen and James Davis, reviewed by Nic Beuret

Beyond Walls and Cages: the politics of exclusion
Beyond Walls and Cages: prisons, borders and global crisis, eds Jenna M Loyd, Matt Mitchelson and Andrew Burridge, reviewed by Lioba Hirsch

The Question of Strategy: an urgent discussion
John McDonnell MP reviews The Question of Strategy - Socialist Register 2013

Scouse: a class accent
Michael Calderbank speaks to Tony Crowley, author of Scouse: A Social and Cultural History

A class act
Nicholas Beuret looks at E P Thompson's classic The Making of the English Working Class

A flame of butterflies
Flight Behaviour, by Barbara Kingsolver, reviewed by Kitty Webster