Molly-Mae Hague and toxic ‘manifestation’ culture

22 March 2022 Molly-Mae Hague’s comments on 'hard work' reflect the dangerous notion of manifestation which has fuelled influencer culture, writes Hannah Walters

The rule of the flesh eaters

31 October 2021 Capitalism entails endless, repeated horror, writes Mark Steven. Can cinematic horror help us to understand – and overthrow – it?

Review – Work: a history of how we spend our time

11 May 2021 Though sometimes misdiagnosing political problems as spiritual pathologies, James Suzman's book provides a compelling history of how work came to dominate our lives. Review by Madoc Cairns

Love Island stars advertising various products

That’s advertainment: reality TV and product placement

17 December 2020 Sophie Benson explores the insidious role of unethical advertising in reality TV – and in the offscreen careers of its stars

Hidden labours: how capitalism shapes gaming culture

29 April 2020 Paolo Ruffino looks beyond the myths of the video game industry to its contemporary neoliberal realities

Book Review: Swimming with Sharks: My journey into the world of the bankers

10 November 2016 Jenny Nelson reviews Luyendiks analysis of the City – the ‘time bomb at the heart of our society’.


1 October 2005 Jo Littler interviews Reverend Billy and Savatri D about the politics of anti-consumerism

Doing it for the kiddies

1 April 2005 Dear Subcomandauntie, I've just been sent £256 from Gordon Brown's Child Trust Fund (CTF) to invest for my nine-month-old daughter's future, but I don't have a clue what to do with it. I understand I can either invest it in stocks and shares or a bank or building society account. Is there an ethical option? Yours, Sleepless in E9

Every Lidl hurts

1 March 2005 The super-low prices of Lidl, Europe's answer to Wal-Mart come at a cost: the rights, wages and dignity of the company's workforce. Chris Leach reports

“Whiplash” Wilko

1 September 2004 Mark Barnsley reports on the high-street hardware store growing fat on the profits of prison slavery

The self-indulgence of bourgeois consumer boycotts

1 August 2004 Dear Subcomandauntie, In between my bizarre double-life as a financial adviser and Marxist guerrilla, I regularly go jogging and clubbing. Such a lifestyle makes a decent pair of trainers essential. How can I protect my little pinkies in trendy, reliable footwear without wearing expensive branded shoes stitched together by mainly Third-World women or child workers for a few pence a day? Yours, Dancing Queen, Leeds

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