Listen to local voices, not the US or China, on Taiwan

14 August 2022 Western leftists routinely ignore local demands from Taiwan, where support for the status quo is high. Brian Hioe looks at the tensions and misunderstandings surrounding Nancy Pelosi's visit

Long marches, long revolutions

8 April 2022 As Red Pepper launches its new ‘Keywords’ series inspired by the work of Raymond Williams, Daniel Frost explores the associations of Williams’ own keyword, the ‘long revolution’

Fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in China

25 February 2022 Qiuyan Chen sued the Chinese ministry of education over homophobic textbooks. She writes about her battle for LGBTQ+ rights in China and the UK

The war on the Uyghurs

17 February 2022 Moazzam Begg joins the dots between his own experience of the ‘war on terror’ and the repression of the Uyghur people at the hands of the Chinese state

Rejecting the new cold war

6 February 2022 Western leftists must avoid short-sighted or ignorant support for the Chinese Communist Party, which is a far cry from a socialist regime, writes Brian Hioe