Tom Gatehouse

Brazil’s Olympic Flames

4 August 2016 A bitter and chaotic political crisis threatens to take the shine off the Rio Olympics this summer, writes Tom Gatehouse

Opening borders is not enough

20 November 2015 Brazil has opened its arms to immigrants and refugees, but must match words with action, writes Tom Gatehouse

A strong challenge for Brazil’s upcoming presidential elections?

18 September 2014 Tom Gatehouse offers a realistic assessment of environmentalist Marina Silva’s policies and ambition

Belo Horizonte: Culture brews from below

16 June 2014 A thriving alternative scene occupies buildings and streets in one of Brazil’s largest cities. Tom Gatehouse takes us on a tour

Copa de Cash: saying this is a World Cup for everyone is a cruel joke

12 June 2014 The World Cup in Brazil will be a far cry from the inclusive and peaceful celebration it pretends to be, writes Tom Gatehouse

Brazil: protests highlight the gulf between politicians and the people

18 June 2013 Tom Gatehouse reports on the movement sweeping Brazil