Tom Fox

Riots: A grim mirror image of neoliberal Britain

10 August 2011 Tom Fox on the riots sweeping through England's deprived urban areas.

Labour shuns the strikers at its peril

4 July 2011 Tom Fox on Milliband's condemnation of the public sector pension strikes.

Milliband joins the right-wing consensus

19 June 2011 Labour leader reflects Blair and Thatcher's legacy with his latest welfare proposals, says Tom Fox

How the UK armed Gaddafi

31 March 2011 Tom Fox argues that the arms trade means our foreign policy will never be humanitarian.

Forget the Lib Dems – Barnsley is another indictment of Labour

9 March 2011 Tom Fox on Labour's embrace of right wing populism in the Barnsley by-election.

Be careful what you vote for

18 January 2011 Tom Fox on the Oldham East and Saddleworth byelection, and Labour's false renaissance.