Tamanna Kalhar

Generation ID: lessons in kiddyprinting

13 January 2008 Thousands of children across the UK have had their fingerprints and DNA taken without explicit informed parental consent. Tamanna Kalhar speaks to Terri Dowty of Action on Rights for Children

When Red Pepper met Anita Roddick

20 September 2007 The redesigned Red Pepper magazine and website owes much to Anita Roddick, who died in September 2007. Tamanna Kalhar recalls meeting her

Planes, trains and caravan-mobiles

1 August 2007 Reduce your carbon footprint - and your guilt quotient - by opting for ethical modes of holiday transport. By Tamanna Kalhar

Reduce, reuse, recycle

1 May 2007 How far do you follow the three 'R's of a zero-waste lifestyle philosophy? Tamanna Kalhar suggests some key strategies to help you earn extra eco-friendly brownie points

Something borrowed, something green

1 July 2006 Weddings can literally cost the earth as well as your pocket. Tamanna Kalhar advises on saying ‘I do’ with ethically sound conviction