Stefano Fumagalli

Reclaim the Night 10th anniversary marches

20 November 2014 Saturday 22 November marks the 10th anniversary of the annual march to reclaim the streets for women. Stefano Fumagalli reports.

What next for Occupy Democracy?

28 October 2014 Towards the end of October's Parliament Square occupation, Stefano Fumagalli spoke to to several participants about their experience and hopes for the future of the campaign.

Video: Britain Needs a Pay Rise – TUC march, London

22 October 2014 The Trade Union Congress reported up to 90,000 people took part in a march and rally on Saturday 18 October.

The true carbon footprint of Manchester

10 October 2014 Activists call for a radical rethink of carbon footprint measurements in Manchester. Stefano Fumagalli and Jenny Nelson report

Aderonke Apata wins National Diversity Award

7 October 2014 Fleeing persecution for homosexuality in Nigeria, Aderonke has become a champion for the rights of many. Stefano Fumagalli reports.