Peter Lazenby

WAPC movement still going strong

31 July 2012 Despite Britain’s coal mining industry having been reduced to five deep mines, the Women Against Pit Closures movement is alive, well and campaigning nationally and internationally, writes Peter Lazenby

Banners high

29 November 2010 Peter Lazenby reviews an exhibition of the work of Britain’s most important trade union banner maker

Bin there, won that

11 March 2010 A strike by refuse workers in Leeds triggered a wave of public support that contributed to victory for the strikers and shocked both sides in the dispute. Peter Lazenby reports

Striking back

22 August 2009 The collapse in votes for mainstream parties, coupled with increasing outbreaks of strike action - official and unofficial - signifies growing political unrest in Britain. But how far will the rebellion spread? Peter Lazenby reports

Defeating the BNP in Yorkshire

5 May 2005 Peter Lazenby reports from Calderdale, where anti-fascists have overcome a BNP intimidation campaign to organise an effective challenge to the rise of the far right