Nina Power

The new politics of art

16 November 2016 Nina Power calls for an assertion of true human wealth through shared resources, knowledge, and art – while Jessie Hoskin and Sasha Josette explain how The World Transformed festival will respond to this call

Defending rights against the right

22 February 2015 The rights of those who have least are under concerted attack, says Nina Power. We must organise to protect them

A drama in three acts – Fortunes of Feminism

1 October 2013 Fortunes of Feminism: from state-managed capitalism to neoliberal crisis, by Nancy Fraser, reviewed by Nina Power

From kettles to courtrooms: The police crackdown on protest

25 March 2012 Nina Power explores the significance of the new policing regime facing protesters

Nina Power

25 July 2010 picks the eight books she'd take to the ends of the Earth with her

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