Nick Dearden

Nick Dearden
Nick Dearden is the director of UK campaigning organisation Global Justice Now. He was previously the director of Jubilee Debt Campaign

protestors march with red banner saying stop tory brexit

No shock doctrine for Britain: Stop Boris Johnson

29 August 2019 Director of Global Justice Now, Nick Dearden, calls for swift action to stop Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament

Trumpism goes global

3 June 2019 Trumpism is capitalism’s Plan B, writes Nick Dearden

Zero-tariff Brexit: Another step towards Singapore-on-Thames?

11 February 2019 Liam Fox's Brexit plans are a continuation of Thatcher's plans to decimate industry and agriculture, writes Nick Dearden

Mayday for Britain

18 January 2019 The prime minister is digging in despite her inability to govern, writes Nick Dearden. Where next for the left?

Tricks of the trade

7 November 2018 Liam Fox is planning bargain-basement trade deals for Brexit Britain - but Labour policy promises to deliver trade justice and democracy for the many. By Nick Dearden.

Samir Amin: a vital challenge to dispossession

13 August 2018 Nick Dearden looks at the theories of one of Africa's greatest radical thinkers

The EU ‘migrant deal’ will ruin tens of thousands of lives

3 July 2018 Nick Dearden writes that if we’re angry with Trump-style migrant policies, we must show equal anger towards our own governments here in Europe

The West owes Zimbabwe a future.

27 November 2017 Nick Dearden from Global Justice Now argues that after years of colonial domination and dodgy trade deals, the UK must make amends and support Zimbabwe in this uncertain time.

If Labour wants to save the NHS, it needs to cut out Big Pharma

27 October 2017 The NHS is being used as a cash cow by a profit-hungry pharmaceutical industry, writes Nick Dearden

Chlorine chickens are just the start: Liam Fox’s Brexit trade free-for-all

4 October 2017 A hard-right free marketer is now in charge of our trade policy. We urgently need to develop an alternative vision, writes Nick Dearden

Trump can only be beaten by a fairer economy and a better society

9 November 2016 We need a society built on openness, community and equality to truly defeat everything that trump stands for, writes Nick Dearden.

‘Brexit red lines’ – the most progressive terms possible for the UK’s exit from the EU

8 October 2016 Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want? Asks Nick Dearden.

Greece stands humiliated at the hands of neoliberal fanatics

16 July 2015 We must continue to stand with the people of Greece as European leaders bully the Greek government into submission, writes Nick Dearden

A manifesto for global justice

25 February 2015 Ditching development doesn’t mean simply changing language – it’s about radicalising our demands and reassessing old and new political ideas. Nick Dearden makes some suggestions for a global justice manifesto

Editorial: The end of poverty

25 February 2015 Over the past two decades the war on global poverty has been co‑opted, writes Nick Dearden

Mike Marqusee’s columns: a look back

14 January 2015 As we remember Mike Marqusee, Nick Dearden highlights some of Mike's most timeless writing in Red Pepper

Rough trade: the new corporate power grab

24 February 2014 Trade and investment agreements currently being negotiated will mean the biggest corporate power grab in a decade. We need a new global movement to confront them, writes Nick Dearden

Gates unmasks the real face of Davos

25 January 2014 The global elites meeting at the World Economic Forum must not get away with pretending they have the interests of the world's majority at heart says Nick Dearden

Tunis: A tale of two World Social Forums

31 March 2013 The WSF needs updating for a post-Arab Spring, post-Indignado world, writes Nick Dearden. The problems and the possibilities were both on show in Tunisia

Generating terror in Guatemala

12 December 2012 Nick Dearden traces the legacy of World Bank-funded development in Guatemala through massacres, massive public debt and continued poverty for the majority

Thomas Sankara: an African leader with a message for Europe

14 October 2012 On the 25th anniversary of Sankara's assassination, Nick Dearden argues we need to remember him to challenge dominant views of Africa and fight our own debt crisis in Europe

Debt: The First 5,000 Years – Money, myth and morality

8 May 2012 Debt: The First 5,000 Years, by David Graeber, reviewed by Nick Dearden

Behind the bankers’ mask

20 August 2011 In the context of another financial crisis, debt audits could offer a way to counter the power of big finance. Nick Dearden introduces a special Red Pepper dossier

Debt audits and a new economic vision

11 May 2011 Nick Dearden reports from an activist conference on austerity and debt in Athens

Discrediting Britain

2 May 2011 Nick Dearden explains how the Export Credits Guarantee Department puts corporate profits above human rights

Iceland’s message to Portugal

14 April 2011 The Icesave referendum has global implications says Nick Dearden

The revolution will not be organised

13 February 2011 Nick Dearden writes from the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Born into debt?

1 February 2011 For south Sudan, sovereignty must mean more than having your own border, writes Nick Dearden

Private debt, public pain: lessons for Ireland

20 December 2010 Nick Dearden and Tim Jones from Jubilee Debt Campaign on standing up to global finance.

Optimism of the will

27 September 2010 Noam Chomsky's Hopes and Prospects (Hamish Hamilton), reviewed by Nick Dearden

International Money Fiends

16 April 2010 The International Monetary Fund devastated the developing world - and now it's targeting eastern Europe, writes Nick Dearden

The other world

22 November 2009 Vijay Prashad's The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World (The New Press), reviewed by Nick Dearden

Radicals return to the UN

15 November 2009 While the G8 and G20 meetings this year have sought to keep power in their own hands, a UN summit on the economic crisis in June raised very different proposals. Nick Dearden assesses the chances for real change in the global economy as a result

The war on terror comes to Africa

1 February 2007 There are echoes of Afghanistan in the Horn of Africa, writes Nick Dearden. Will a quick victory for a foreign-backed warlord government be followed by further instability and an Islamist insurgency?

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