After Occupy
After Occupy: Economic democracy for the 21st century, by Tom Malleson, reviewed by Michelle Zellers

Newcastle: the pretty and the (not so) gritty
Michelle Zellers takes us on a tour of Newcastle, sharing the city’s radical history, its green spaces and where to head for a night out on the Tyne

Editorial: Coming out of hiding
This is a time when we can't afford just a handful of leaders, writes Michelle Zellers

The Democracy Project
The Democracy Project: a history, a crisis, a movement, by David Graeber, reviewed by Michelle Zellers

Editorial: The powers that see
While surveillance may feel vast, looming and obscure, writes Michelle Zellers, it isn’t separate from the other battles we’re fighting

Drone wars
Michelle Zellers spoke with Medea Benjamin, author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control and founder of the US-based anti-war group Codepink, who was arrested in May for interrupting Barack Obama’s speech on his drone programme

Meet Red Pepper’s new co-editor, Michelle Zellers
Michelle Zellers introduces herself, her reasons for wanting to be part of Red Pepper and her hopes for its future