Political Ecology: Beyond Environmentalism
Political Ecology: Beyond Environmentalism, by Dimitrios Roussopoulos, reviewed by Mat Little

From the archives: Naomi Klein – why it’s time to show our face
Naomi Klein tells Mat Little how she put into words what so many were feeling – and why it’s time the new movement showed a public face and built coalitions with others on the left (published in issue 79, January 2001)

Economic crisis and post-capitalism
Mat Little interviews the economist Harry Shutt about economic crisis and the left alternative

Confronting the city
Mat Little profiles Maurice Glasman, dubbed the father of 'Blue Labour' and learns more about Glasman's plans to clean up the City of London

Prophet of doom
Dissident economist Harry Shutt was arguing that capitalism was heading for a fall long before the current crisis. Interview by Mat Little

Selfish capitalism is making us ill
Mat Little interviews psychologist and writer Oliver James about his book, The Selfish Capitalist