Louis Mendee

How climate change skepticism was fuelled by big oil companies

14 December 2017 We've known about the devastating implications of climate change for decades now. Louis Mendee investigates the history of corporations in denying these urgent political realities.

Climate change in the global south drives people to suicide

17 November 2017 Louis Mendee explains the real human costs of climate change for the global south.

Going from a top BBC job to Tory spin chief should be banned – it’s that simple

7 July 2017 This revolving door between the 'impartial' broadcaster and the Conservatives stinks, writes Louis Mendee – we need a different media

The Tories’ deal with the DUP is outright bribery – but this government won’t last

27 June 2017 Theresa May’s £1.5 billion bung to the DUP is the last nail in the coffin of the austerity myth, writes Louis Mendee

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