Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips
Leigh Phillips is a regular Red Pepper writer and was previously a Brussels-based journalist and Red Pepper's Europe correspondent.

A club of ghouls: the need for rupture with the EU

3 August 2015 After Greece, the road to a democratic, social United States of Europe passes through ‘Brexit’ and a toppling of the post-democratic tyranny that is the European Union, argues Leigh Phillips

Video: Farage vs Clegg – more prattle than battle

27 March 2014 Leigh Phillips says the so-called heavyweight rumble over the EU between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg had no real discussion of the threats to European democracy, internationalism and social justice

The centre cannot hold

25 March 2014 Leigh Phillips considers what the crumbling of support for mainstream parties means for the fortunes of the left and right in the coming European elections


1 February 2014 Biohackers: the politics of open science, Alessandro Delfanti, reviewed by Leigh Phillips

Debate: GM is good for you

3 January 2014 There’s nothing inherently wrong with genetic modification, argues Leigh Phillips, and the left shouldn’t side with those who suggest there is. Below, Emma Hughes responds

Allende’s socialist internet

11 September 2013 Leigh Phillips tells the story of Cybersyn, Chile’s experiment in non-centralised economic planning which was cut short by the 1973 coup

Dawkins vs democracy

22 May 2013 Leigh Phillips looks at Richard Dawkins’ proposal to put scientists instead of bishops in the House of Lords

Thatcher vs Bin Laden: the Daily Mail’s views on ‘sick death parties’

10 April 2013 Leigh Phillips says that the idea of 'showing respect for the dead' seems to be somewhat selective

Austerity for the people, welfare for the banks

24 August 2012 Andrew Bowman and Leigh Phillips look at how central banks have used the crisis to carve out a new role – from propping up bankers to toppling governments

Dawkins’ support for private schools lets Loch Ness Monster into biology class

11 July 2012 Leigh Phillips argues that the radical privatisation of education is leading to creationist teaching in US classrooms

Ex-ECB chief: ‘If parliaments do not give us what we want, we will annul them’

21 May 2012 Leigh Phillips examines the response from former European Central Bank chief, Jean-Claude Trichet on how to solve the eurocrisis

Bosses: want to know who’ll join the union? There’s an app for that!

2 April 2012 Imagine an app that would tell bosses which of his workers was most likely to want to join a union. Leigh Phillips writes on the creepier side of new technologies

Castro: Beautiful brushwork, imperfect picture

1 December 2011 Leigh Philips reviews Castro by Reinhard Kleist

The greatest injustice

14 July 2011 Leigh Phillips reviews Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson

Society-wide anger

18 June 2011 Leigh Phillips talked to Debtocracy director Aris Chatzistefanou about the left and the current situation in Greece

Portugal: The EU’s managed democracy

18 April 2011 The bail-out has been the perfect excuse for Europe to bypass Portuguese citizens entirely, says Leigh Phillips

Don’t let your slightly racist gran be the only one to take on Europe’s silent coup

8 April 2011 In the biggest shift of powers to the EU in 50 years, under Europe’s new system of ‘economic governance’, Brussels gets a veto over all wage, public spending, and taxation decisions

The creaking European austerity machine

27 February 2011 Austerity could spell the end for the euro, argues Leigh Phillips

The EU’s ‘orderly transition’

10 February 2011 Leigh Phillips on Catherine Ashton and the EU's response to the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

The ninth art meets the fourth estate

5 January 2011 Leigh Phillips traces the emergence of comic-book journalism

Getting off our knees?

29 November 2010 As austerity bites across Europe, Leigh Phillips surveys the resistance

French anti-pensions reform movement heads toward defeat

26 October 2010 Leigh Phillips on the current state of the French trade union movements

Get along, move along, shift…

27 September 2010 The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Brussels’ new pontiff

31 January 2010 The EU's college of cardinals has picked its first pope, writes Leigh Phillips. So why aren't we angry?

What’s left in Eastern Europe

24 January 2010 While the Left Party in Germany scored 12 per cent in the recent Bundestag elections, in the rest of eastern Europe the left still languishes in the post-Soviet doldrums. Leigh Phillips spoke to Stefan Zgliczynski and Jane Hardy about its prospects

Europe’s far left narrowly misses a hat-trick

7 October 2009 Leigh Phillips analyses the far left results in the recent German, Portugese and Greek elections

The rise of European Bobo politics

31 August 2009 Cohn-Bendit's Europe Ecologie victory in France emboldens the Green right across Europe but does it also mean the death of traditional green principles asks Leigh Philips

Reality check for the left

28 June 2009 If the collapse of capitalism can't improve the left's chances, what will? {Red Pepper's} Europe correspondent, Leigh Phillips, surveys the political landscape after the European elections

Apathy of the discontented

30 May 2009 Almost 500 million people were entitled to vote in this year's European elections. Yet between the lobbyists and the bureaucrats, it's hard to claim the EU is a continental-scale democracy. Leigh Phillips asks who pulls the strings in Europe, and what we can do about it

A warrior against the war

1 December 2006 Geoffrey Millard, 25, a former US Army sergeant, is president of the Washington DC chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He spoke to Leigh Phillips about how he became an activist in the anti-war movement

The end of the internet?

1 November 2006 The way the internet works at the moment, you can access a blog by an anti-war teenager from Utah on an equal footing with the website of the US defence department. But all that could change if some of the big internet service providers get their way. Leigh Phillips warns of the threat to the internet as we know it

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