Kevin Blowe

Kevin Blowe
Kevin Blowe is a community centre worker and activist in Newham, east London.

The rise of militarised policing

20 January 2016 Kevin Blowe from the Network for Police Monitoring says the police are acting more like an army of occupation

How the cops try to predict our next move

16 November 2013 As civil dissent ramps up, UK secret police discover new modes of repression. Kevin Blowe reports on cops, ‘kettles’ and a database profiling thousands of activists

Saving the estate

20 October 2013 Residents have fought off University College London’s plans to ‘redevelop’ the Carpenters Estate, reports Kevin Blowe

We must have a far-reaching inquiry into police spying

25 June 2013 Kevin Blowe responds to the latest revelations that police spied on community groups and campaigns for justice for those that died custody

Untouchables: a different way to make sense of Leveson

3 December 2012 Untouchables: dirty cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard, by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn, reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Alternative Olympianism

2 September 2012 Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us, And How They Can Be, by Mark Perryman, reviewed by Kevin Blowe

The Olympics’ security legacy

27 July 2012 Hosting the Olympics could have a serious impact on the civil liberties of people in east London, writes local resident and community activist Kevin Blowe

Kettling police powers

6 May 2012 Kevin Blowe invites you to a conference on defending our fundamental liberties during the Olympics and beyond

Pure class

16 August 2011 Kevin Blowe reviews Chavs: the demonisation of the working class, by Owen Jones

AV: Yes or no?

14 April 2011 Hilary Wainwright and Kevin Blowe debate the alternative vote

Policing the age of austerity

21 January 2011 Kevin Blowe on what the anti-cuts movement can expect from the police in the coming year.

No easy answers

27 September 2010 Kolya Abramsky's Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution (AK Press), reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Fearless satire

3 June 2010 Disgusting Bliss: the brass eye of Chris Morris by Lucian Randall (Simon and Schuster), reviewed by Kevin Blowe

Picturing energy

24 May 2010 Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration by Amelia Gregory Amelia’s House Anyone who has argued with climate change deniers knows that explaining the science is hard work. Its complexity can be baffling, and scientific experts have an unfortunate tendency to misunderstand the importance of communicating their ideas, believing that their data and their authority are sufficient to […]

Being Tamsin

6 December 2009 Kevin Blowe reviews Rush! The Making of a Climate Activist by Tamsin Omond (Marion Boyars, 2009)

Policing the police

31 August 2009 The police are no more our servants than corporations or the media. Kevin Blowe examines how the government's increasingly authoritarian approach to crime and security has enabled the police to emerge from a series of scandals and controversies with their powers enhanced. He argues that campaigners need to radically rethink their approach to policing in Britain