Kelvin Mason

Resisting airport expansion, from the ZAD to Heathrow

6 October 2016 Kelvin Mason speaks to John Jordan who is squatting the site of a planned airport in France

Reclaim the Power sets up camp in Wales

13 May 2016 Kelvin Mason reports from Reclaim the Power's camp against opencast mining in Wales, looking at its organisation and future actions

Raised voices: the campaigning choirs movement

20 February 2016 Lotte Reimer and Kelvin Mason report on the blossoming movement of radical street choirs

A dirty black hole

13 August 2013 From Wales to Colombia, the scourge of opencast coal mining is being driven by our continued dependence on this dirtiest of fossil fuels, writes Kelvin Mason

Why are wind farms sparking protest?

30 June 2012 Continuing controversy over wind farms in Wales illustrates the need for a redistribution of power and wealth in the energy sector, writes Kelvin Mason

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