TTIP: Wheels come off trade deal
The movement is building against TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. John Hilary provides an update from a struggle that might just be going our way

Capital courts: how corporations can hold governments to ransom
Transnational corporations have won shocking powers to sue sovereign states, writes John Hilary, and they are not shy of using them

The dark heart of Europe – Corporate Europe
Corporate Europe: how big business sets policies on food, climate and war, by David Cronin, reviewed by John Hilary

The Olympic branding game
John Hilary looks at the corporate commercial bonanza provided by sponsorship opportunities for London 2012

Libya: Here we go again
John Hilary questions Nato’s claims of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya

Anti-capitalism: alive and well
Ten years ago, the global justice movement burst from the streets of Seattle onto the world's television screens. John Hilary examines the victories and challenges of the last decade

Britain’s global power empire
What is the British government doing promoting electricity privatisation in the developing world? John Hilary reports on the government-owned multinational power company Globeleq