Not about us
Jim Jepps surveys the largely disappointing results for the left in an unpredictable election

A Green New Deal
Jim Jepps and Rupert Read say the UK needs a 'Green New Deal' to tackle the 'triple crunch' of credit, oil prices and climate change

France’s new anti-capitalist party
There's been surprisingly little discussion in the UK on the launch of the 'new anti-capitalist party' in France. Jim Jepps spoke to John Mullen, the editor of Socialisme International, to find out more

A tale of two meetings
At the beginning of September two rallies took place in Glasgow - one for the renewal of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and one for Tommy Sheridan's breakaway grouping, Solidarity. Jim Jepps was present at both

The election results dissected
Jim Jepps analyses results for the left in June's European elections