Fighting for Peace: the battles that inspired generations of anti-war campaigners
Now the threat of nuclear war looms nearer again, we share the experience of eighty-year-old activist Ernest Rodker, whose work is displayed at The Imperial War Museum. With Jane Shallice and Jenny Nelson he discussed a recent history of the anti-war movement.

Osborne’s first day at work – activists to pulp Evening Standards for renewable energy
This isn’t just a stunt. A new worker’s cooperative is set to employ people on a real living wage in a recycling scheme that is heavily trolling George Osborne. Jenny Nelson writes

Social Workers Without Borders
Jenny Nelson speaks to Lauren Wroe about a group combining activism and social work with refugees

How can we make the left sexy?
Jenny Nelson reports on a session at The World Transformed

Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants
Ida-Sofie Picard introduces Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants – as told to Jenny Nelson

Mass civil disobedience in Sudan
A three-day general strike has brought Sudan to a stand still as people mobilise against the government and inequality. Jenny Nelson writes.

Book Review: Swimming with Sharks: My journey into the world of the bankers
Jenny Nelson reviews Luyendiks analysis of the City – the ‘time bomb at the heart of our society’.

Reactions to the US election result
As news of a Trump victory sinks in, we share words of solidarity and calls to action from activists across the left in the UK.

Vacancy: new section editor
Join the Red Pepper team to write and commission content on racism and xenophobia.

Welcome to Liverpool – a heartland of the rebel cause
Thousands of activists will arrive in Liverpool this month for the Labour Party Conference and its fringe events. Jenny Nelson recommends places to visit and introduces the local political scene

A round-up of good news from campaigns
A lot of recent news has been deeply troubling, from the post-Brexit fallout to the rise of Trump; we won't list the reasons you have to feel depressed. Instead, here are some snippets of good news from people-powered campaigns across the UK and beyond 

Can I vote in the Labour leadership campaign?
The rules have been changing rapidly, complete this short survey to find out whether you're eligible to vote and find out how to do it

Event: Black Words Matter
Join us to explore media justice with Gary Younge, Shake! and Numbi Arts, on Tuesday 19 July at Rich Mix in London

New film: Kettling of the Voices
A new film by Chester Yang uncovers the suppression of student protests in the 2010 uprising against tuition fees

Shake out your pockets for Shake!
Help reinvigorate and strengthen UK grassroots social justice movements by sending young black and brown activists to a crucial training conference in Detroit

Swimming with Sharks
Swimming with Sharks: My journey into the world of the bankers, by Joris Luyendijk, reviewed by Jenny Nelson

Four reasons to support the black journalism fund
There are just days left to reach the £2,500 target

Jeremy Corbyn bags for sale
Orders have been coming in fast for our new bag

Voluntary regulation for mercenaries? Yeah that should work
A new report condemns the voluntary code of conduct for private military and security companies as a sham, writes Jenny Nelson

Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Beg
Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Beg, by Ben Stewart, reviewed by Jenny Nelson

Working mothers in poverty speak out
From exhaustion and frustration to hope and resistance, women experiencing in-work poverty share their stories. Jenny Nelson reports

The Corbyn colouring book and other gift ideas
For your politically minded friends and family

Emma and Bobby face eviction despite doing nothing wrong
Emma* tells us about her experience renting in London, the impact on her child and how she plans to fight back

10 ways to support Red Pepper
Whether you've been subscribed to Red Pepper for the last 20 years or have just found us, here are some simple ways you can help boost our impact.

Caring, survival and justice, versus the tyranny of the market
This weekend The International Women's Conference takes place in London

Free documentary: Reykjavik Rising – Iceland’s untold uprising
This documentary is now available to download or watch online

The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival
Notes on the unique Dorset festival experience, by Jenny Nelson

Migrant Lives Matter: ideas for action
Notes on practical solidarity from a discussion with the Black Liberation Collective at Reclaim the Power camp. By Jenny Nelson

‘F**k off back to Eton’ for number one?
Jenny Nelson spoke to the musician who heckled David Cameron on the campaign trail and now aims for number one in the charts

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