James Wilde

Honduras: another critical day

29 September 2009 James Wilde says there are signs that finally the US may be exerting its considerable influence on the Honduran establishment

Honduras suspends civil rights

28 September 2009 As president Manuel Zelaya urges supporters to march, the Honduran junta ban protests and suspend other civil rights

Less bread and circuses, more gas and noise bombs

26 September 2009 Poison gas, bread and photo opportunities on the 90th day of the Honduran coup, reports James Wilde

Honduras: civil rights and civil war

24 September 2009 James Wilde says civil war is now looking inevitable

A long day in Honduras closes

23 September 2009 James Wilde reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Wednesday 23 September)

OAS meeting concludes and Zelaya plans his return

5 July 2009 James Wilde reports from Honduras

An Irishman in Honduras

2 July 2009 Peace worker James Wilde describes the situation in Honduras