Five things to know about the independence movement in Catalonia
James O'Nions looks at the underlying dynamics of the Catalan independence movement

Interview: Queer British Art
James O'Nions talks to author Alex Pilcher about the Tate’s Queer British Art exhibition and her book A Queer Little History of Art

Few heroes, one zero: the election and the left
James O'Nions scours the election results in search of succour for the left

Left Unity: ‘It will take time to establish a credible left party in Britain, but it’s possible’
James O'Nions spoke to Left Unity parliamentary candidate Simon Hardy about his campaign – and the party’s prospects

Mike Marqusee: A contender for the living
Mike Marqusee was an extraordinary writer and activist who enriched the left in the UK and internationally, writes James O'Nions

Editorial: Rigging the rules
We must understand and resist the onward march of corporate power, writes James O'Nions

The rewilded frontier – Feral
Feral: searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding, by George Monbiot, reviewed by James O'Nions

Editorial: All power to the community
Our current energy system is an exercise not just in destroying our common environment but in entrenching existing inequality, writes James O'Nions

Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship
Haiti’s New Dictatorship by Justin Podur, reviewed by James O’Nions

World Social Forum: A new turn in Tunis
The World Social Forum in Tunisia was framed as the alter-globalisation movement meets the ‘Arab spring’. James O’Nions reports back from Tunis on how both sides of that equation are faring

Women’s Library occupation: fighting the cuts on International Women’s Day
James O'Nions reports from the women-led occupation of the Women's Library in London, which is due to be closed imminently

Editorial: Solidarity against the border
To really win migrant rights we need to organise a politics that goes beyond borders, writes James O'Nions

An appetite for change in the food system
James O’Nions investigates the potential for a movement for food sovereignty in Britain

Green Party: Left foot forward?
James O’Nions reviews the leadership contenders and asks what it tells us about the current state of the Green Party

In for the long haul
The limits of the possible have expanded beyond the depressing confines of market fundamentalism, writes James O'Nions

Riots: The left must respond
Let’s get on the streets and demand an end to cuts and police brutality, says James O’Nions

Our right to the city
We need to reassert a sense of collectivity in the way we live, writes James O'Nions

Poster people
James O'Nions reviews Celebrate People’s History: the poster book of resistance and revolution

Turbulent tome
What Would it Mean to Win? by Turbulence Collective (PM Press), reviewed by James O’Nions

Less capitalism, more planet
In the context of austerity, it can seem almost frivolous to continue to talk about climate change. It is not, writes James O'Nions

The construction of (un)reality
James O'Nions reviews a compelling piece of invented history at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Trotsky faction
Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna (Faber and Faber), reviewed by James O'Nions

Now to fight the cuts
We have a matter of months to create an unprecedented movement against public spending cuts

The agroecological activist
Alex Kawakami is an agronomist and activist with Brazil's Landless Rural Workers' Movement (MST). James O'Nions spoke to him about how the MST organises and its vision of 'agroecology'

Understanding Haiti
James O'Nions says the tragedy of Haiti doesn't just lie with the recent earthquake

Everyone does everything
James O'Nions meets two members of the Italian novel-writing collective Wu Ming as they publish Manituana, their 'story from the wrong side of history'

A climate for change
On the occasion of mass protests at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, we should also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Seattle protests, and the anti-globalisation movement they helped to establish

Feeding the world
Instead of GM crops and a new 'green revolution for Africa', the answer to the food crisis and climate change lies in smaller-scale, local 'agroecology'. Reviews by James O'Nions

Reclaiming our food system
Democratising our food system is the key to securing the right to food and sustainability, writes James O'Nions

Booktopia: James O’Nions
Our new co-editor James O'Nions picks his favourite books