James Lloyd

PFI, GATS and secondary action all up for discussion at the TUC

1 September 2003 It gives an annual snapshot of what's on the minds of Britain's trade unionists, and the agenda for this year's TUC conference shows a union movement widely at odds with its Labour government.

They still don’t get it: the IMF and poor country debt

1 September 2003 The International Monetary Fund says it wants to find a new framework for dealing with the debt burden of low-income countries that helps those countries meet international goals on poverty reduction. But recent proposals by the IMF for a new strategy on overseeing poor country borrowing that does just that have been given a damning verdict by leading development NGOs.

Home Office undermined and accused on asylum claims

1 September 2003 Home Secretary David Blunkett has been left humiliated after UN figures showing a drop in asylum applications across the industrialised west undermined his boasts last week to have cut the number of asylum applicants in the UK.

Red tape whingers attacked by British trade unionists

1 August 2003 Trade unionists have lambasted "red tape whingers" and attacked British industry's focus on cheap labour and low investment, in a report responding to a government study on UK competitiveness.

New Labour think-tank says Kyoto is flawed

1 August 2003 A major London think-tank with close ties to New Labour has highlighted the limitations of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and thrown its weight behind a radical green policy based on equal rights to the atmosphere for the world's population.

Government GM advisers warn over contamination risk

1 August 2003 Environmentalists have seized on comments made by the government's GM advisers warning about the risk of contamination by GM oilseed rape.

NGO launches bid to force EC to open up GATS negotiations

1 August 2003 Friends of the Earth has lodged a complaint with the European Commission's Ombudsman in a bid to force the Commission to release documents detailing the European Union's stance in international trade negotiations.

Workers strike over company pensions scheme

1 July 2003 A new era in British industrial relations began on Friday 18 July 2003 as workers at the French-owned company Rhodia walked out in protest at the closure of the company's final salary pension scheme to new members.

Police breached human rights of peace protesters

1 July 2003 Anti-war demonstrators who protested at RAF Fairford during the Iraq conflict suffered fundamental breaches in their human rights according to a new report by Liberty.

MEP vote puts new GM foods on the shelf

1 July 2003 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted through legislation to pave the way for the sale of new GM food products in the EU for the first time since a moratorium was imposed five years ago.

New alliance calls on government to withdraw bill on foundation hospital trusts

1 July 2003 A new alliance of groups against the introduction of foundation trusts in the NHS has called on the government to withdraw proposals until more consultation has taken place.