Hugo Radice

The myth of the economic recovery

31 January 2014 Hugo Radice and John Weeks examine George Osborne’s claims of an austerity-driven return to growth

The banks’ real stress test is still to come

15 April 2012 The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

The consequences of the EU bank rescue

12 March 2012 Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.

The 2011 Budget and its global context

30 March 2011 Hugo Radice picks apart Osborne's budget, and predicts difficult times ahead for the UK economy.

Bad news and more bad news?

28 January 2011 Hugo Radice on the UK's latest GDP figures, and how they relate to the global economic context.

Back to business as usual

24 August 2010 Hugo Radice looks at the Tories' so-called Office for Budget Responsibility and its role in the coalition's cuts agenda

What kind of crisis?

3 January 2009 Hugo Radice delves through the layers of the financial crisis and lays out the challenges that any adequate alternatives have to meet