Editorial: Building from the bottom
Corbyn’s success is just one reason to be hopeful, writes Emma Hughes

Ripping down fences
Emma Hughes spoke to Caoimhe Butterly about organising with refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and dismantling borders

On our own terms
Emma Hughes spoke to Andy Greene from Disabled People Against Cuts

‘Nothing works, it’s all for show’
In this extract from their new book, All That Glitters, Emma Hughes and James Marriott describe how Azerbaijan’s oil wealth has created a country of chaos and contrasts

Free Prisoners of the Oil Games
Yesterday Red Pepper co-editor Emma Hughes was refused entry into Azerbaijan ahead of the European Games. She wrote this in detention in Baku

The tyrant’s lobbyist
Emma Hughes reveals the interests behind an influential UK lobby, the European Azerbaijan Society

Editorial: The door’s ajar
Despite the defeat of Scottish independence, the gains made by the radical left will not be easily undone, writes Emma Hughes

The crisis in local news – and the developing alternatives
Emma Hughes talks to journalists about the profiteering pushing local papers to the brink – and meets people producing their own community media

Editorial: Standing with the people
The European project we need is one that supports the people against a mega-pipeline, writes Emma Hughes

Sounds From the Park
The February / March edition of Red Pepper is in the final hectic days of production - but on Sunday you can get a sneak preview

Debate: GM is good for you
There’s nothing inherently wrong with genetic modification, argues Leigh Phillips, and the left shouldn’t side with those who suggest there is. Below, Emma Hughes responds

Azerbaijan: The pipeline that would fuel a dictator
Emma Hughes reports from Azerbaijan, where autocratic leader Ilham Aliyev is using the country’s fossil fuel wealth to fund his repressive regime and buy Europe’s silence

Editorial: Anti-establishment politics done right
UKIP is occupying space that should be the terrain of the left, writes Emma Hughes

Egypt: The revolution is alive
Just before the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, Emma Hughes spoke to Ola Shahba, an activist who has spent 15 years organising in Egypt

If they can do it, we can too – cleaners get organised
Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes report on cleaners’ success organising against poverty pay

Why the future isn’t working
When envisaging the future, social movements should not just consider how to make work better but also how to move beyond the wage contract, writes Emma Hughes

What are they building in there?
Emma Hughes writes about the mysterious piece of art activism happening this weekend

A new Cymru – Leanne Wood interviewed
Emma Hughes spoke to Plaid Cymru’s new left-wing leader Leanne Wood

Murdoch is unfit and improper – but how do we get rid of all the press barons?
Emma Hughes introduces James Curran and Donnacha DeLong, who argue that while Murdoch may be on the ropes, the power of the media mogul is far from vanquished

Fence Records: ‘We’re not trendy, we’re not competing, we just do our thing’
Johnny Lynch (aka The Pictish Trail) tells Emma Hughes that artist-run record label Fence is staying true to its roots

‘The government may have trampled over democracy but people will still be squatting’
Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes meet SQUASH, the squatters’ action group who have been ignored in the anti-squatting media furore

Editorial: Democracia real YA!
As climate negotiators bluster in Durban, nowhere is the democratic deficit clearer than South Africa itself, writes Emma Hughes

All the news that fits, they print
Emma Hughes looks at Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky (1988)

Audio: Science roundtable
Listen to Red Pepper’s roundtable on science, corporates and democracy.

Out of the laboratory
Emma Hughes hosts a Red Pepper roundtable on science

Anti-cuts: Alliance of defiance
Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Lewisham... Jim Cranshaw and Emma Hughes talk to local anti-cuts campaigners

Solidarity not charity
One important argument against the cuts centres on this distinction, writes Emma Hughes