Derek Wall

Review – Decolonial Communism, Democracy and the Commons

22 November 2019 A collection of essays which could be a key resource for those seeking to create economic alternatives, edited by Catherine Samary and Fred Leplat. Reviewed by Derek Wall

With the rise of Corbyn, is there still a place for the Green Party?

18 August 2017 Former Green principal speaker Derek Wall says the party may struggle in the battle for votes, but can still be important in the battle of ideas

Defend, extend and deepen the commons

10 December 2015 An extract from 'Economics after capitalism: a guide to the ruins and a road to the future' by Derek Wall

Stop, Thief!

1 December 2014 Stop Thief! The Commons, Enclosures and Resistance, by Peter Linebaugh, reviewed by Derek Wall

The flaws in coalition climate policy

19 May 2011 Derek Wall analyses Chris Huhne's recently announced climate change policy.

The forests are saved, but campaigners must remain vigilant

22 February 2011 Derek Wall puts the fight against forest privitisation in a global and historical perspective.

An ecological manifesto

22 November 2009 The Ecological Revolution by John Bellamy Foster (Monthly Review Press, 2009), reviewed by Derek Wall

Inside the Revolution: A Journey into the Heart of Venezuela

26 August 2009 Derek Wall reviews Pablo Navarrete's new documentary

Can the Green Left rescue Iceland?

28 June 2009 The collapse of the Icelandic banks and economy has created the first left victory of the current economic crisis, says Derek Wall

Up in smoke

18 December 2008 Derek Wall looks at the many dangers of burning our waste


1 August 2007 The pub is a British institution under threat. By Derek Wall

Costing the Earth

1 December 2006 The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change has forced even hardened neoliberals to acknowledge that there is a serious problem. But we need to look beyond Stern's emphasis on the market to provide a solution, writes Derek Wall

Open source and free software top 10

1 November 2005 Download the popular Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email package The best alternative to Microsoft Office Sharing millions of music, video and other files Powerful image manipulation software Edit and record your own music and remixes One of the most popular versions of the Linux operating system Award-winning […]

The future is geek

1 November 2005 Why pay out good money to Microsoft and the big corporations when you can get the computer software you need for free? Derek Wall hails the open source revolutionaries

After 30 years, the Green Party comes of age

1 August 2003 Against the odds the Green Party is 30 years old. For those of us on the inside, getting past 1981 looked doubtful and it was perhaps both a surprise and a relief to reach the 1990s. The British political system has traditionally been unforgiving to new parties. But the party has survived, is growing and is making an electoral impact: it has seven MSPs, two MEPs and numerous councillors. Most important of all, it is now a party of the left.

The Green Party and the euro

1 July 2003 While the Green Party now accepts that the UK should stay within the European Union, it sees the EU as over-centralized and driven by a neo-liberal agenda.

Darker shades of green

23 August 2000 Derek Wall traces the thread of ecofascism through the Green movement's history