Davy Jones

Brighton isn’t just talking about a progressive alliance – we’re making it a reality

27 April 2017 The Greens have stood down in Brighton Kemptown to clear the way for Labour, and the Lib Dems won’t stand in Brighton’s other seat, Green-held Pavilion. Davy Jones, who would have been the Green candidate in Kemptown, says this shows the way forward

Election diary: Lines of divide in Brighton

16 August 2013 Davy Jones is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown at the next general election, blogging from the campaign trail. This time he looks at some key local issues

Diary of a ‘wannabe MP’: local elections, UKIP and the left

10 May 2013 Davy Jones is Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown at the next general election and a member of Red Pepper’s board. This is the second of a series of regular blogs on his campaign

The pay dispute at Brighton council: a Green view

10 May 2013 Davy Jones, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, gives his view of a dispute that has caused huge debate among Green Party members in the city and across the country

Davy Jones: diary of a ‘wannabe MP’

21 March 2013 Despite the public scorn for politicians, Green Party candidate Davy Jones explains why he believes there is an opportunity for radicals to get into parliament

So farewell then electors – we knew you once…

8 May 2012 A record low turnout for last week’s elections was probably the most significant outcome. Just 32 per cent bothered to vote – the lowest since 2000

Brighton goes Green again

7 May 2011 Britain’s first Green-led council is great news, but faces challenges on cuts says Davy Jones

Parties, movements and radical change

20 February 2008 Davy Jones, a leading advocate of participatory budgeting, says the left needs to recognise and seize opportunities when and where they arise