Chavez sweeps to victory in Venezuela’s referendum
The referendum victory takes the Venezuelan revolution to a new stage, writes David Raby

Shanties into plough-sharing
David Raby is impressed by the first moves to make a new model of development in Venezuela

Is Chavez next for the Aristide treatment?
In April 2002 the US tried a classic military coup in Venezuela, but got their fingers burnt when it was defeated in 48 hours by a popular uprising backed by progressive forces in the military. Between December 2002 and January 2003, Washington incited a bosses' lockout which paralysed the oil industry. But the government regained control

International solidarity with Venezuela takes off
Despite the misunderstanding and even hostility expressed by some leftists, the Bolivarian Revolution of President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela is seen more and more as a beacon of hope in a unipolar world. From 10-13 April 2003 - the first anniversary of the short-lived fascist coup against Chávez - thousands gathered in Caracas for an international solidarity meeting.