Dave Raby

Chavez sweeps to victory in Venezuela’s referendum

1 September 2004 The referendum victory takes the Venezuelan revolution to a new stage, writes David Raby

Shanties into plough-sharing

1 August 2004 David Raby is impressed by the first moves to make a new model of development in Venezuela

Is Chavez next for the Aristide treatment?

1 April 2004 In April 2002 the US tried a classic military coup in Venezuela, but got their fingers burnt when it was defeated in 48 hours by a popular uprising backed by progressive forces in the military. Between December 2002 and January 2003, Washington incited a bosses' lockout which paralysed the oil industry. But the government regained control

International solidarity with Venezuela takes off

1 June 2003 Despite the misunderstanding and even hostility expressed by some leftists, the Bolivarian Revolution of President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela is seen more and more as a beacon of hope in a unipolar world. From 10-13 April 2003 - the first anniversary of the short-lived fascist coup against Chávez - thousands gathered in Caracas for an international solidarity meeting.