End of the road for social housing?
Bob Colenutt looks at the disastrous consequences of the Housing and Planning Bill, which if passed will be the most significant change in the history of social housing

Housing: The market has failed
Bob Colenutt on a housing strategy for Britain 2011

Field day for developers
Opposing the deregulation of planning could unite strange bedfellows says Bob Colenutt

Public services, private profit
The government’s white paper heralds an unashamed corporate takeover warns Bob Colenutt

Local government fighting back?
Bob Colenutt on the reaction of local government to the cuts, and the influence of the May council elections.

The Localism Bill – who benefits?
Bob Colenutt on what the Localism Bill and the Big Society will mean in practice for local democracy.

The new politics of community action
Bob Colenutt assesses the Tory conversion to community politics and finds echoes of New Labour's early espousal of communitarianism against the state. What has happened to the radicalism of community politics? Here he urges a critical return to the ideas of radical thinkers and activists such as Saul Alinsky and Paolo Freire, who were clear that power had to be fought for and taken