Asad Rehman

A Green New Deal must deliver global justice

29 April 2019 To tackle climate change, we must target the international inequalities at the root of the crisis. By Asad Rehman

A world for the many, not the few

14 June 2018 "The very notion of ‘charity’ erases a global history of slavery and oppression". Asad Rehman applauds Labour’s ambition to overhaul neo-colonial development policy

Whilst Israel and the US celebrate illegally moving the embassy to Jerusalem, unarmed Palestinians are being shot down

14 May 2018 The move is a stamp of approval for Israel’s brutal occupation, writes Asad Rehman.

Labour sets out to overhaul neo-colonial development policy

28 March 2018 For too long, politicians and many in the development sector have ignored the true driver of global poverty: neo-liberal capitalism. That may be about to change, writes Asad Rehman