Anthony Arblaster

Honouring the Democrats

18 March 2014 Great Democrats, edited by A. Barratt Brown (Spokesman books), reviewed by Anthony Arblaster

Local Elections: The gift that wasn’t on the Tory wish list

8 May 2012 Anthony Arblaster discusses the ups and downs of the local election results, which came as an unwelcome surprise to some

Election reflections

25 May 2011 Anthony Arblaster argues there is more support for social democratic policies than is reflected in the main political parties.

Breaking the golden thread

5 August 2010 Does the yellow of Lib Dem rosettes represent a 'golden thread' of social liberalism, or a streak of cowardice in the face of Tory cuts? Anthony Arblaster looks at the roots of the Lib Dems' present difficulties

Grist to the radical Mill

20 September 2008 John Stuart Mill: Victorian firebrand by Richard Reeves (Atlantic Books), reviewed by Anthony Arblaster

It’s Iraq, stupid

1 June 2007 So Blair is going - at long last. Let's be clear about this departure. It is not, as he would have us believe, a voluntary act of renunciation, He, like Thatcher, would have gone 'on and on' if he had had his way.

The illusion of choice

1 August 2004 The trouble with staging a war of aggression is that in order to win public support, it must be dressed up as a war of defence. And to do that governments have to lie and invent threats that don't exist. But eventually the truth comes out.