Andrea D’Cruz

The militarised zone

25 July 2010 Andrea D'Cruz talks to women from New Profile, a feminist movement for the demilitarisation of Israeli society

Determined to do it

25 July 2010 Dreamers of a New Day: Women Who Invented the 20th Century by Sheila Rowbotham (Verso), reviewed by Andrea D'Cruz

Fill in the adjectives

3 June 2010 Gaza: Beneath the Bombs by Sharyn Lock with Sarah Irving (Pluto Press), reviewed by Andrea D'Cruz

Oh yes, I’ve seen you on Question Time

7 May 2010 In a handful of seats, there is a real chance that left and green candidates could be elected as MPs. Andrea D'Cruz went to Birmingham to check up on Salma Yaqoob's campaign for Respect, and to Brighton and Lewisham to assess the Green Party's prospects

Opening the gates

1 December 2009 Andrea D'Cruz talks to a group organising collective action among people on the margins of the welfare system

Scars of childhood

7 November 2009 The arrest and detention of Palestinian children by the Israeli army inflicts long-term trauma on Palestinian society. Andrea D'Cruz travelled to Abu Dis to find out more

A fake friend

11 December 2008 Andrea D'Cruz looks at the truth about the International Organisation for Migration

Starting young

1 December 2008 At the tender age of 13, Sonia Azad is already something of a veteran peace activist, having set up an anti-war campaign for children, as well as making two documentary films. She talked to Andrea D'Cruz about what inspired her to get involved

The ‘f’ word: from ’68 to ’08

1 December 2008 {'68-'78-'88: from women's liberation to feminism}, edited by Amanda Sebestyen, was published at a moment 'when feminism became uncool'. Ten years on, it became a key text on women's studies courses - its tales from feminists of various backgrounds documenting the many layers and differences woven into the women's liberation movement. Fast forward to 2008, and some of the contributors met at Housmans bookshop in London. We present edited extracts from that discussion to open a debate on feminism today, introduced by Hilary Wainwright and with a summary of current feminist activity by Andrea D'Cruz