Building new bonds of citizenship: Scotland and the North

20 August 2014 Paul Salveson of The Hannah Mitchell Foundation argues that Scottish independence will encourage shoots of radical growth in the North of England.

Reclaim the pier! Huge anti-fracking march

18 August 2014 Rebecca Newsom reports on Reclaim the Power's Solidarity Sunday

Reclaim the Power: The people against fracking

17 August 2014 A report from the Blackpool anti-fracking camp

Fracking: Safe as houses?

17 August 2014 From the Reclaim the Power camp in Blackpool Guy Shrubsole sketches some thoughts on Cameron's fracking policies.

Reclaim the Power in Blackpool

16 August 2014 Anti-fracking camp joins Lancashire residents in the struggle against dirty energy

The Yes Campaign speaks in the House of Commons

15 August 2014 Jane Shallice reports back from an event hosted by Red Pepper and openDemocracy, where many London radicals became inspired to support the Yes campaign.

Campaigners say ‘End subsidies for polluting biomass now’ as DECC publishes biomass carbon calculator

14 August 2014 Almuth Ernsting of Biofuelwatch unpicks the latest government report on Biofuels. The report that has been welcomed by environmental NGOs and the biomass industry alike, both sides claim it vindicates their position.

The growing crisis of Calais’ migrant population

7 August 2014 The situation for migrants in Calais is at breaking point; support is desperately needed, writes Daniel Martin

Petition: Drop the suspension of student protestors

7 August 2014 Activist group launch petition demanding reinstatement of University of Birmingham students suspended for protesting

#OMG – operation mothers and grandmas

7 August 2014 Locals in the Blackpool area set up anti-fracking protection camp

Akala – Fire in the booth

4 August 2014 And other recommended posts by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin.

Train to Scotland in support of the radical case for independence

1 August 2014 We're heading North to meet the radical Yes campaigners and to learn what we can from a vibrant atmosphere of fresh political ideas.

Preston event: The radical case for Scottish independence

31 July 2014 Red Pepper magazine and The Hannah Mitchell Foundation invite you to hear the radical case for independence and to discuss what this could mean for the North of England

Behind the words of an Israeli government spokesman

29 July 2014 Alex Nunns removes PR waffle to reveal the painful truth of recent Israeli attacks on Gaza's hospitals and children

Reclaim the media!

29 July 2014 We urgently need to protect press freedom and media diversity across Europe.

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the people of Gaza

22 July 2014 Kitty Webster reports back from the National Demonstration for Gaza held in London on Saturday 19 July 2014

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!

18 July 2014 22 civil society organisations in Gaza ask you to campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

Video: The secret deal that threatens the NHS

17 July 2014 Cancer patient Paul Giles travels to Brussels find out how the new TTIP trade deal could threaten NHS services

North West London unites to fight fascist march in Cricklewood

15 July 2014 The South East Alliance (an offshoot of the Essex branch of the English Defence League) is a sad bunch of specimens labouring under the delusion that they are part of a master race.

The trouble with biodiversity offsetting

15 July 2014 The fictional scenario of fracking in Regent's Park demonstrates how companies are set to gain from policy that offers them a 'licence to trash'.

Striking public sector workers show pain through passion

11 July 2014 John Millington reports on the July 10 strike

Video: TTIP day of action call out

5 July 2014 Behind closed doors, the EU and US are drawing up a new trade deal called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade deal (TTIP) that must be stopped.

Macmillan Cancer Support gets it wrong, big-time

5 July 2014 The charity tries not to be 'political' – but it is embracing a highly ideological privatisation initiative, writes Mike Marqusee

Event: Ukraine – the alternative road ahead

3 July 2014 House of Commons, Wednesday 9 July, 7pm

Remembering Maya Angelou

3 July 2014 And other online reads recommended by feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin.

Event: DPAC Independent Living Day party and picnic this Friday

3 July 2014 Disabled People Against Cuts to host tea party in London this Friday to protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund

Book launch event: The politics of cancer in an age of austerity

29 June 2014 Join us for an evening of discussion at the London book launch of Mike Marqusee’s latest book ‘The Price of Experience: Writings on Living with Cancer’, Wednesday 2 July.

Event: The radical case for Scottish independence

23 June 2014 Join us at the House of Commons, Thursday 26 June

What is Ed Miliband playing at?

20 June 2014 John Millington asks: does Labour even want to win the 2015 election?

Support the South African platinum miners’ strike

19 June 2014 The six-month strike action might be nearing its end, but the suffering of union members and their families will continue. Supporters have begun a campaign calling for donations, Edward Dingwall reports.

The tragedy of the private, the potential of the public

19 June 2014 Communities around the world are defending public services, making them more democratic and responsive to the people's needs and desires, writes Hilary Wainwright in a new report.

Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it

18 June 2014 Alex Nunns runs his red pen over Tony Blair's essay on Iraq, Syria and the Middle East

Video: why UK Uncut are returning to Vodafone

13 June 2014 Lucy and Sarah from UK Uncut talk to the Artist Taxi Driver about their plans to return to Vodafone Saturday 14 June

Keep water cannons off the streets of London

12 June 2014 Water cannons are weapons, writes Andrew Smith – they should have no place in the capital

Fighting for a future

10 June 2014 Workers at the University of London strike over job losses at Garden Halls accommodation, writes Andrew Dolan

The servant problem

9 June 2014 Josie Foreman of Feminist Fightback asks those who see themselves as on the left to reconsider employing a cleaner.

The shocking conditions in Qatar’s World Cup project

3 June 2014 Chris Williamson MP reports on his fact-finding visit to the country

Yarl’s Wood sex abuse allegations

2 June 2014 And other recommended reads from feminist blogger Emma Frankel-Thorin over the last month.

I don’t care about the Lib Dems, but I’ll enjoy seeing them get their payback

30 May 2014 With or without Clegg at the helm, the Lib Dems will remain a party devoid of principles and heading for oblivion, writes Jessie Thompson

Labourstart Global Solidarity Conference opens this Friday in Berlin

20 May 2014 Trade unionists from across the globe to meet to share ideas and strategies and to build transnational links

Workers are dying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

19 May 2014 John Millington continues his reporting from the ITUC World Congress with a look at workers' rights issues around the World Cup preparations

The ‘United Nations of workers’ takes aim at finance

19 May 2014 John Millington reports from the ITUC World Congress

Summer event: the Spark

15 May 2014 A week of workshops, films, discussions, poetry, music, art and more, looking at the fight for social justice in the UK and around the world to take place in June

Shale Gas World is not a world we want to live in

13 May 2014 Today, Shale Gas World, and hundreds of key players in the shale gas industry, came to Birmingham's NEC. Thankfully we were there to meet them, writes Elizabeth Ferne

Fast food workers are hungry for justice worldwide

13 May 2014 Unions are preparing for an international day of action on fast food workers’ rights, bakers’ union president Ian Hodson reports

Record-breaking subvertising campaign hits UK streets

12 May 2014 The Brandalism campaign has swapped hundreds of ads for art

Red Pepper event: What should the Left be demanding of Europe?

6 May 2014 Red Pepper hosts a special event in London on 20 May in the run up to the European Elections to look at the possibilities for an alternative, democratic Europe

Stagnation and securitisation: understanding the 2008 financial crisis

6 May 2014 Jack Copley provides an introduction to An Angry Person's Guide to Finance — a free Red Pepper pamphlet

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