It’s Corbynmania! Thousands rally for Jeremy Corbyn

4 August 2015 Michael Calderbank reports from the central London rally for Jeremy Corbyn

Earth First! Summer Gathering

4 August 2015 You are invited to Earth First! Summer Gathering on 19 - 24 August in the Peak District

Dabke dancing to tell another narrative

30 July 2015 Creative protest can change the way people engage with Israeli apartheid, says Dan Glass, who organised a Dabke-dance action to mark the first anniversary of the latest attack on Gaza

Free the women of Yarl’s Wood detention centre

28 July 2015 After the success of a huge protest against detention in June Movement for Justice by Any Means Possible have called another Surround Yarl’s Wood demonstration on 8 August

The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival

24 July 2015 Notes on the unique Dorset festival experience, by Jenny Nelson

Our infrastructure is headed for a crash – we must get it back on track

23 July 2015 With overdue northern rail upgrades hitting the buffers of an indefinite 'pause', Labour MEP Lucy Anderson flags up signs of a wider crisis in essential public infrastructure

The aviation fight is back on

15 July 2015 Kara Moses writes on direct action against airport expansion at Heathrow airport

How we beat the frackers in Lancashire

3 July 2015 Pam Foster from Residents Action on Fylde Fracking tells the story of a weekend of furious campaigning

Towards an international social movement on housing

2 July 2015 Jacob Wills writes from a Europe-wide meeting on housing struggles, held in Athens

The Liberty Tree

23 June 2015 Chris Jury on why he wrote his new play The Liberty Tree, an agitprop musical that aims to be as entertaining as it is political

Four reasons to join the Frackanpada

19 June 2015 Claire Fauset looks ahead to an international anti-fracking camp in the Basque Country next month

Free Prisoners of the Oil Games

10 June 2015 Yesterday Red Pepper co-editor Emma Hughes was refused entry into Azerbaijan ahead of the European Games. She wrote this in detention in Baku

Jeremy Corbyn for leader! Write to your MP

8 June 2015 Michael Calderbank asks you to help get Jeremy onto the ballot paper for Labour leader

Stop Arming Israel! Take action to ‘Block the Factory’

8 June 2015 Activists from London Palestine Action call on anti-arms and Palestine solidarity campaigners to join a mass action at Elbit arms factory on July 6

Migrant Lives Matter: ideas for action

5 June 2015 Notes on practical solidarity from a discussion with the Black Liberation Collective at Reclaim the Power camp. By Jenny Nelson

The Spark 2015

2 June 2015 Back for a third year, organisers of The Spark space give a taster of what can be expected at this year’s London-based social justice festival.

Seismic gender pay gap at King’s College London

17 May 2015 Jacqueline Robbins, a student at King's, has launched a campaign against the pay gap at the college

The IF Project Summer School: a free experiment in alternative higher education

15 May 2015 As the government attacks education, IF brings together those who want to teach and those who want to learn just for the love of it, writes Hilary Wainwright

People’s Agenda profile 31: Precarious Workers Brigade

13 May 2015 The PWB are taking on precarious work in the education and culture sector, they tell us in this thirty-first People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 30: Shake!

13 May 2015 Shake! brings together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice, we find out in this thirtieth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 29: WMD Awareness

13 May 2015 Getting young people active in the decision on Trident is the work of WMD Awareness, the twenty-ninth organisation profiled in our People's Agenda series

People’s Agenda profile 28: Psychologists Against Austerity

13 May 2015 Psychologists are speaking out against the damaging psychological costs of Austerity in this twenty-eighth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 27: Independent Workers of Great Britain University of London branch

13 May 2015 The IWGB are taking on and winning high profile workplace struggles in traditionally precarious workplaces we find out in this twenty-seventh People's Agenda profile

Peoples Agenda profile 26: Joint Enterprise not Guilty by Association

13 May 2015 JENGbA are calling for the abolition or radical reform of the 'joint enterprise' law, they tell us in this twenty-sixth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 25: English Collective of Prostitutes

13 May 2015 The ECP have been campaigning against laws that criminalise sex work for decades, we find out in this twenty-fifth People's Agenda profile

37% is not a majority – now is the time for proportional representation

10 May 2015 The voting system has been exposed as illegitimate in the eyes of millions – we have a historic opportunity to push for change, writes Nicole Anders

People’s Agenda profile 24: #LivingWageFootball

7 May 2015 Taking on Premier League clubs over their huge pay inequalities, Football Beyond Borders are our twenty-fourth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 23: Disabled People Against Cuts

7 May 2015 DPAC have spent years campaigning for justice and independent living rights for all disabled people, they explain in this twenty-third People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 22: Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth

7 May 2015 From occupations to free kitchens, HASL explain that they're fighting gentrification and social cleansing in this twenty- second People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 21: Global Women’s Strike

7 May 2015 Demanding a living wage for all, Global Women's Strike are the twenty-first group profiled in our People's Agenda series

Where do the parties stand on climate change?

6 May 2015 As election day gets closer, the Centre for Alternative Technology analyses the politicians' promises on the climate

‘F**k off back to Eton’ for number one?

5 May 2015 Jenny Nelson spoke to the musician who heckled David Cameron on the campaign trail and now aims for number one in the charts

Beyond the Ballot Box: event report

30 April 2015 The wide range of grassroots campaigners at a Red Pepper hosted event showed there's more to politics than elections. Clare Walton reports

Why it’s time to #axedrax

29 April 2015 What did you do on Earth Day? We tried to switch off the UK's biggest power station, writes Oliver Munnion

People’s Agenda profile 20: Fuel Poverty Action

28 April 2015 Combining direct action with mutual support and organising with pensioners, Fuel Poverty Action are the twentieth group profiled in our People's Agenda series

People’s Agenda profile 19: EFA London

28 April 2015 Free, participatory English classes are supporting adult migrants in London to take action against injustice, EFA London tell us in this twentieth People's Agenda series profile

Peoples Agenda profile 17: Reclaim the Power

28 April 2015 Direct Action group Reclaim the Power are targeting Didcot power station this May, they tell us in this seventeenth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 16 : Boycott Workfare

28 April 2015 Boycott Workfare have been taking on those profiting from workfare exploitation since 2010, they explain in this sixteenth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 18: Students Against TTIP (SATTIP)

28 April 2015 Students across the country are getting organised to take on the TTIP corporate takeover, SATTIP tell us in this eighteenth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 15: Detention Action

20 April 2015 Detention Action are calling time on unlimited detention, they tell us in our fifteenth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 14: Leeds Hands Off Our Homes

18 April 2015 Winning Bedroom Tax appeals, organising large demonstrations and building support networks is the work of Leeds Hands Off Our Homes, they explain in this fourteenth profile in our People's Agenda series

People’s Agenda profile 13: Campaign Against Arms Trade

17 April 2015 Taking on the arms companies and governments responsible for the arms trade is all in a days work for Campaign Against Arms Trade, they tell us in this thirteenth People's Agenda profile

People’s Agenda profile 12: National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

16 April 2015 NCAFC have been active on the streets and on campuses since 2010 fighting for a free and democratic education, they tell us in this twelfth People's Agenda profile

Peoples Agenda profile 11: London Campaign Against Police and State Violence

15 April 2015 LCAPSV explain how they are campaigning against the Met Police's criminalisation and abuse of black communities, in this eleventh profile in our People's Agenda series

Peoples Agenda profile 10: Food Sovereignty Movement

14 April 2015 Bringing together hundreds of groups working towards a democratic, sustainable and fair food system is the aim of the Food Sovereignty Network, as explained in this tenth profile in our People's Agenda series

Peoples Agenda profile 9: Focus E15

13 April 2015 They grabbed the headlines and put social cleansing on the map last year, but there's so much more in Focus E15's sights, they explain in this ninth profile in our People's Agenda series

People’s Agenda profile 8: Justice for Domestic Workers Leeds

10 April 2015 Joining together means that domestic workers in Leeds are stronger, and campaigning hard, as they explain in this eighth profile in our People's Agenda series

Peoples Agenda profile 7: Sisters Uncut

9 April 2015 After shutting down Oxford Street on Valentines Day, Sisters Uncut talk about the need to keep fighting cuts to domestic violence services in this seventh profile in our People's Agenda series

Peoples Agenda profile 6: Ritzy Living Wage campaign

8 April 2015 Thirteen days of strike action in the space of five months convinced Ritzy cinema staff of the need to get organised at work, they explain in this sixth profile in our People's Agenda series

Peoples’ Agenda profile 5: Unite Hotel Workers

7 April 2015 Organised hotel workers draw on inspiration from their counterparts in New York, in this fourth profile in our People's Agenda series

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