My pick of ‘6 Billion Ways’

22 February 2011 James O’Nions previews an exciting global justice event in London

Evicting the poor

20 February 2011 Sunit Bagree on international sporting events and the housing struggle

The revolution will not be organised

13 February 2011 Nick Dearden writes from the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Mubarak defiant

10 February 2011 Phyllis Bennis on the situation in Egypt as Mubarak vows to remain in power.

Breaking the silence on libraries

8 February 2011 As library services across the country announce cuts to their services, Library Workers For A Brighter Future assess what we stand to lose.

Born into debt?

1 February 2011 For south Sudan, sovereignty must mean more than having your own border, writes Nick Dearden

Policing the age of austerity

21 January 2011 Kevin Blowe on what the anti-cuts movement can expect from the police in the coming year.

A truly working class hero(ine)

19 January 2011 An obituary of Jeyaben Desai, by Pete Firmin of Brent Trades Union Council.

Be careful what you vote for

18 January 2011 Tom Fox on the Oldham East and Saddleworth byelection, and Labour's false renaissance.

Who are the spooks?

16 January 2011 Tilly Gifford from Plane Stupid on the infiltration of the environmental movement by the police and private security services.

Student article competition

14 January 2011 Win £100 of books and have your work published in Red Pepper

Netroots UK: New wine into old bottles?

9 January 2011 Michael Calderbank on the challenges ahead for the online left.

Challenging ‘dodgy development’

7 January 2011 A new report by Richard Whittell and Eshwarappa M.

Opposing the Murdoch media empire

2 January 2011 Granville Williams of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom on the need to block the BSkyB takeover

‘What’s NATO?’

19 December 2010 Cynthia Cockburn of Women in Black on the case against NATO

Topshop and the solidarity of the ‘ordinary shopper’

18 December 2010 Jeremy Wight finds that 'shoppers' aren't at all annoyed with the tax protesters - whatever the right tries to claim

Behind a student kettle

14 December 2010 Tabitha Troughton reports from the December 9 fees demonstration

Student demo: solidarity, not violence, is the issue for the left

13 December 2010 Kai Grachy on the 9 December student protests against tuition fees.

Notes from a student occupation

9 December 2010 Tabitha Troughton reports from the occupation at UCL

A real taxpayers’ alliance

5 December 2010 Adam Ramsay reports on the mass direct action at Topshop

A boycott toolkit

2 December 2010 James O’Nions on useful new report about winning justice for Palestine

Town hall riot?

29 November 2010 Max Watson reports from a militant anti-cuts demo in Lewisham which was attacked by riot police

Packed with anger

29 November 2010 Samir Jeraj reports on the Coalition of Resistance conference

Student demo-lition

10 November 2010 Simon Augustus on the 10 November student protest

Feminism in London

1 November 2010 Jennie O’Hara goes to the second Feminism in London conference

French anti-pensions reform movement heads toward defeat

26 October 2010 Leigh Phillips on the current state of the French trade union movements

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