Riots: A grim mirror image of neoliberal Britain

10 August 2011 Tom Fox on the riots sweeping through England's deprived urban areas.

A message to the youth of Hackney

9 August 2011 Social justice coalition Hackney Unites calls for the rioting to stop

Tottenham: ‘This is what you get – fire’

7 August 2011 The riot came from a community pushed to the edge by the violence of the police, writes Clarence Williams

Public services, private profit

2 August 2011 The government’s white paper heralds an unashamed corporate takeover warns Bob Colenutt

Trespassers will be prosecuted

31 July 2011 Government plans to criminalise squatting will affect rights to both housing and to protest says Liz Davies

Roses are our weapons

27 July 2011 Asbjørn Wahl on the Norwegian response to the far-right murder spree

News of the World: Let’s seize the moment

15 July 2011 For the sake of our democracy, anger over the hacking scandal must be harnessed to bring about real change says Davy Jones

Southampton: Unions set the pace

13 July 2011 Peter Apps looks at the unique campaign of strikes sweeping the city

The fight isn’t over

10 July 2011 News of the World may be dead but Karin Wahl-Jorgensen still wants Murdoch’s empire stopped

News of the World: we need more than a public inquiry

8 July 2011 Natalie Fenton calls for a new framework for news in the public interest

Audio: Building a radical urbanism

5 July 2011 Listen to Red Pepper authors talk about alternatives to capitalist priorities in the city

Labour shuns the strikers at its peril

4 July 2011 Tom Fox on Milliband's condemnation of the public sector pension strikes.

Unions must be political and creative

30 June 2011 By organising beyond the workplace, unions can defeat the very real threat to workers' ability to act collectively, says Jo Beardsmore

Who are the real strikers?

29 June 2011 Kai Grachy on ‘capital strikes’ and the power of big finance

Four referenda, one huge blow for Berlusconi

22 June 2011 Italy's recent referendum results show the prime minister's struggle for power is turning from tragedy to farce, writes Paolo Gerbaudo

Milliband joins the right-wing consensus

19 June 2011 Labour leader reflects Blair and Thatcher's legacy with his latest welfare proposals, says Tom Fox

Chomsky to speak at Rebellious Media conference

12 June 2011 High profile line-up for October conference on media, activism and social change

Orange left sweeps Italian cities

12 June 2011 Finally Berlusconi is losing reports Paolo Gerbaudo

Turkey’s nuclear future?

11 June 2011 Michael Pooler reports from Istanbul about opposition to nuclear power in the run up to elections in Turkey

Reclaiming the squares: an eviction notice for Spain’s political class

3 June 2011 Cristina S Marchan reports on the uprising in Spain.

Election reflections

25 May 2011 Anthony Arblaster argues there is more support for social democratic policies than is reflected in the main political parties.

High Pay Matters

22 May 2011 Ruth Lister on the interim report of the High Pay Commission.

Nobody expects the Spanish revolution

19 May 2011 Javier Navascués reports on the youth movement occupying Spain’s public squares

The flaws in coalition climate policy

19 May 2011 Derek Wall analyses Chris Huhne's recently announced climate change policy.

We make radical media, you make adverts

10 May 2011 PR firm tries to stop activists using the phrase 'radical media'

Brighton goes Green again

7 May 2011 Britain’s first Green-led council is great news, but faces challenges on cuts says Davy Jones

Bin Laden killing: Justice or vengeance?

2 May 2011 Phyllis Bennis on the killing of Osama bin Laden and the 'unfinished business' of 9/11

Film: Energy sovereignty in Brazil

30 April 2011 Watch Katherine Haywood's short film about a wind turbine school run by Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement

Iceland’s message to Portugal

14 April 2011 The Icesave referendum has global implications says Nick Dearden

How the UK armed Gaddafi

31 March 2011 Tom Fox argues that the arms trade means our foreign policy will never be humanitarian.

Make your media independent on March 26!

25 March 2011 Richard Hering and Hamish Campbell from visionOntv on how to circumvent the corporate media on March 26.

Jaw-jaw about the Libya war-war

23 March 2011 Oscar Reyes argues in relation to Libya, that there is still no way to bomb a country into democracy.

Audio: Report from 6 Billion Ways conference

23 March 2011 A report from the UK’s biggest global justice event, part of a collaboration between New Left Project and Red Pepper

Why to refuse the census

20 March 2011 Chris Browne from the 'Count me Out' campaign, on the need to protest Lockheed Martin's involvement in the census.

Nuclear Irrationalities in Libya and Japan

17 March 2011 Dan Plesch and Harald Heubaum of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, on the strengthened case against new nuclear power.

Forget the Lib Dems – Barnsley is another indictment of Labour

9 March 2011 Tom Fox on Labour's embrace of right wing populism in the Barnsley by-election.

The EU ignores the Irish people, again

6 March 2011 Daniel Finn on the EU's reluctance to renegotiate Ireland's loan package, and the new opportunities for the left in Irish politics.

Universities of Transition

3 March 2011 Education must teach people to question, challenge and improve the world rather than simply manage it, argues Molly Scott Cato.

Left gains in Ireland

27 February 2011 Five deputies for the United Left Alliance, while Sinn Féin takes at least 13

Philosophy Football T-shirt to raise funds for Egypt speaker tour

23 February 2011 It quotes one of the great Arab poets of the modern era, Nizar Qabbani: "You are the generation that will overcome defeat"

My pick of ‘6 Billion Ways’

22 February 2011 James O’Nions previews an exciting global justice event in London

Evicting the poor

20 February 2011 Sunit Bagree on international sporting events and the housing struggle

The revolution will not be organised

13 February 2011 Nick Dearden writes from the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

Mubarak defiant

10 February 2011 Phyllis Bennis on the situation in Egypt as Mubarak vows to remain in power.

Breaking the silence on libraries

8 February 2011 As library services across the country announce cuts to their services, Library Workers For A Brighter Future assess what we stand to lose.

Born into debt?

1 February 2011 For south Sudan, sovereignty must mean more than having your own border, writes Nick Dearden

Policing the age of austerity

21 January 2011 Kevin Blowe on what the anti-cuts movement can expect from the police in the coming year.

A truly working class hero(ine)

19 January 2011 An obituary of Jeyaben Desai, by Pete Firmin of Brent Trades Union Council.

Be careful what you vote for

18 January 2011 Tom Fox on the Oldham East and Saddleworth byelection, and Labour's false renaissance.

Who are the spooks?

16 January 2011 Tilly Gifford from Plane Stupid on the infiltration of the environmental movement by the police and private security services.

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