Audio: ‘Taking on the technocrats’, Red Pepper seminar

11 March 2012 Trevor Evans and Mary Kaldor speak on alternative paths for a progressive, democratic Europe

This weekend’s NHS vote is the Lib Dems’ last chance

10 March 2012 Colin Leys says party members face a choice – is loyalty to their leaders more important than the future of the health service?

Five demands the left can unite around?

1 March 2012 Some simple, radical demands are needed to mobilise people towards a geniune left alternative says James Bloodworth

A4e: a scandal so big it could be seen from 2008

25 February 2012 Emma Harrison’s double resignation has finally focused media attention on the privatisation of job placement, argues Alex Nunns.

Defending human rights defenders

16 February 2012 Haldane Society chair Liz Davies invites you to a conference seeking to build solidarity with those defending human rights across the world

Appeal for solidarity with the people of Greece

16 February 2012 Add your signature to the statement of solidarity with the people of Greece backed by trade union leaders, MPs and campaigners.

Tonight on TV: ‘Tweets from Tahrir’

16 February 2012 Don't miss this on TV tonight - a film of the book co-edited by Red Pepper's Alex Nunns.

Could you be our new website editor?

12 February 2012 New member of our volunteer editorial team wanted

When the opposition does not oppose…

8 February 2012 ..the democratic deficit widens - so argues Tom Robinson

Red Pepper seminar, Friday 17 February: ‘Taking on the technocrats’

7 February 2012 Trevor Evans and Mary Kaldor to speak on alternative paths for a progressive, democratic Europe

Neither Hattersley nor Miliband: why today’s left must ‘re-think’ differently

3 February 2012 Does Labour Old or New have what it takes to ‘re-think’ the project of social democracy? asks Michael Calderbank

Who are the Davos class?

27 January 2012 Just who makes up the global elite that has been gathering at Davos?

Countering the Olympics

23 January 2012 Elizabeth Carola profiles a forthcoming day of debate and organising

Guardians of the future?

22 January 2012 Last week, Red Pepper was invited to the launch of a new report from the ‘Green House’ think tank about how to restructure our leading democratic institutions.

Carry on occupying! – your help is needed

9 January 2012 Tom Robinson celebrates the ongoing defiance of Occupy London and calls for your practical help

Pensions: Keep united and step up the fight

7 January 2012 Michael Calderbank reports from PCS Left Unity's organising conference on the pensions fight.

Occupy Wall Street meets winter

2 January 2012 Yotam Marom finds the Occupy movement hoping that the winter of austerity might give way to the flowering of real alternatives

The Camp is the World – An open letter to the occupy movement

11 December 2011 Luis Moreno-Caballud and Marina Sitrin on connecting the occupy movements and the Spanish May 15th movement

The Real George Osborne!

6 December 2011 Miriam Ross on a new online comedy with political bite

#nov30 – Striking back for all our futures!

30 November 2011 On the next steps for the trade unions following the tremendous #nov30 walkouts

Strike! – #nov30

29 November 2011 Show your support for the #nov30 strikers

Event: Whatever happened to Parliamentary Socialism?

23 November 2011 Friday 25th November - Socialist Register editor Leo Panitch's lecture on Ralph Miliband

The Luddites: Everything you know is wrong!

18 November 2011 In a guest post, Dave King from Luddites200 takes a fresh look at this movement as it approaches its 200th anniversary

Fortnum & Mason trial: a convicted defendant writes

17 November 2011 Adam Ramsay is one of ten people found guilty of aggravated trespass for entering Fortnum & Mason as part of a UK Uncut protest. Here he gives his view

Occupy Wall Street: ‘you can’t evict an idea’

15 November 2011 Occupy Wall Street released this statement after the authorites attempted a forced eviction

Police and the student protests

9 November 2011 Overkill or deliberate misinformation? Either way it looks they are starting to worry...

Pay cut sparks electricians’ protest in Manchester

7 November 2011 Andy Bowman on how electricians from across the North West are fighting a co-ordinated attack on their pay and conditions

Egypt: campaigners stand up for imprisoned activist/blogger

31 October 2011 Guest post from the Campaign to End Military Trials of Civilians in Egypt

Tribune RIP?

27 October 2011 Michael Calderbank on the threat to a long-standing fixture of British left publishing

Dale Farm: residents condemn police violence

20 October 2011 Traveller solidarity campaigners call for support

Add women and stir!

17 October 2011 Ruth Michaelson reflects on the Rebellious Media Conference.

Resistance takes root in Barcelona

16 October 2011 Hilary Wainwright explores the deepening organisation of the Indignados movement

Birth of a new movement: Occupy goes global

15 October 2011 Today there was hardly a city in the world not touched by the occupations, writes Niamh Flynn

October 15th: United for Global Democracy

14 October 2011 A global manifesto for democratic rule over international finance

London: get ready to occupy!

13 October 2011 Protestors plan to occupy the London stock-exchange

We are winning – so what do we want?

13 October 2011 More reflections from a Wall Street Occupier.

“Walking off the job is the only way to express our anger”

12 October 2011 An electrician explains why he and his colleagues feel so angry about the imposition of new contracts.

Thoughts of a Wall St. occupier

10 October 2011 With the occupation of Wall St now in its third week, occupier Yotam Marom shares his thoughts

The 99% Occupy Wall Street!

6 October 2011 Pham Binh welcomes the rising tide of support for the occupation

Rebellious Media: History gives us hope

6 October 2011 Tim Gee looks ahead to this weekend's Rebellious Media Conference by telling the story of a radical newspaper from the past.

Video: The true cost of the Afghanistan war

29 September 2011 This video charts the rising costs in billions of pounds - and human lives

‘Capitalism for the poor’ no more?

29 September 2011 Milford Bateman welcomes a new report blowing the myths of microfinance success out of the water

Europe Against Austerity, 1 October

21 September 2011 What does the left say about the eurozone crisis - and do we have a different way out?

This is what Swazi democracy looks like

7 September 2011 Protest is escalating in Africa's last absolute monarchy reports Mike Marqusee

Field day for developers

30 August 2011 Opposing the deregulation of planning could unite strange bedfellows says Bob Colenutt

Film: Not a very green revolution

28 August 2011 Interview with Devinder Sharma and pictures of Punjabi farming communities

Our big fat fairness failure

22 August 2011 Yoshka Pundrik on the pending eviction of traveller families at Dale Farm

After the Riots: What is the ‘real Manchester’?

12 August 2011 Writers from Manchester Mule give their perspective on the Manchester riot

These riots are the fruits of austerity

11 August 2011 The rioters have grown up in a world of diminishing life chances and frustrated desires, writes Gemma Alley

Riots: The left must respond

10 August 2011 Let’s get on the streets and demand an end to cuts and police brutality, says James O’Nions

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