Audio: Rebellious Media Conference

Exclusive podcast with Dan Hind, James Curran, Zahera Harb

February 2, 2012 · 1 min read

For those who produce alternative media one of last year’s highlights was the Rebellious Media Conference. Organised by Peace News, Red Pepper, Ceasefire Magazine, the National Union of Journalists and Vision on TV the conference brought together journalists, filmmaker’s, activists and academics for a weekend of talks and training workshops. New Left Project interviewed some of the speakers. Relive the rebellious weekend by listening to these exclusive interviews.

Fining Facebook isn’t enough – we need total media reform

We can either realise a world where technology serves the many, or settle for one in which data oligarchs rule unchecked. By Mathew Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn-Langton

Media amnesia let politicians off the hook for the economic crisis

Dr Laura Basu explains that the media allowed politicians to re-write history, erasing the true causes of the economic crisis.

Tabloids do not represent the working class

The tabloid press claims to be an authentic voice of the working class - but it's run by and for the elites, writes Matt Thompson

Going from a top BBC job to Tory spin chief should be banned – it’s that simple

This revolving door between the 'impartial' broadcaster and the Conservatives stinks, writes Louis Mendee – we need a different media

Secrets and spies of Scotland Yard

A new Espionage Act threatens whistleblowers and journalists, writes Sarah Kavanagh

Joint statement on George Osborne’s appointment to the Evening Standard

'We have come together to denounce this brazen conflict of interest and to champion the growing need for independent, truthful and representative media'