Audio: Rebellious Media Conference

Exclusive podcast with Dan Hind, James Curran, Zahera Harb

February 2, 2012 · 1 min read

For those who produce alternative media one of last year’s highlights was the Rebellious Media Conference. Organised by Peace News, Red Pepper, Ceasefire Magazine, the National Union of Journalists and Vision on TV the conference brought together journalists, filmmaker’s, activists and academics for a weekend of talks and training workshops. New Left Project interviewed some of the speakers. Relive the rebellious weekend by listening to these exclusive interviews.

"Books of Knowledge Picton Library Liverpool" by Terry Kearney is marked with CC0 1.0

The working-class voices publishing against the grain

Luke Charnley reports on the new publishing houses getting working-class writers onto the printed page.

The Firm and its long-lasting grip

Laura Clancy examines the history of the Crown, its role in empire and its continuing functional and ideological purpose today

An ownership model to protect independent media

New Internationalist co-editor Amy Hall explains how a strong reader-owner base can fuel recovery from the impacts of the pandemic

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 showing a character from the game sitting in front of a futuristic cityscape and the word 'broken' graffitied onto a wall

Video games and anti-capitalist aesthetics

As more and more video games infuse their narratives with explicitly political themes, B.G.M. Muggeridge asks why so many fall short in actually challenging capitalism

Lockdown live: ‘The politics of truth’

Join Marcus Gilroy-Ware, Sarah Jaffe, Thomas Konda and Hilary Wainwright to tackle conspiracy theories, fake news, and the increasing precarity of 'truth'

Love Island stars advertising various products

That’s advertainment: reality TV and product placement

Sophie Benson explores the insidious role of unethical advertising in reality TV – and in the offscreen careers of its stars

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