28 October

It's St Jude's Day, after the patron saint of lost causes

October 28, 2009 · 1 min read

That’s perhaps why, on 28 October 1919, the US Congress passed the Volstead Act enforcing the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The amendment prohibited the ‘manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors’ in the US. It was a lost cause from the outset, much as the ‘war on drugs’ was to prove later. And St Jude would have nothing to do with it.

Am I a modern slave?

Lyn Caballero describes her experiences as a migrant domestic worker and explains why domestic workers are campaigning for immigration policy change

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In and against, and outside, the party

Following major defeats, the left on both sides of the Atlantic must urgently get stuck into community organising, movement building and political education, argues Joe Guinan

A tribute to Mike Cooley

Co-creator of the Lucas Plan, Mike showed how the immense talent of workers could be deployed for social use rather than private profit, writes Phil Asquith

Build small, think big

Phillip O’Sullivan looks at the role of community energy groups in disrupting the energy status quo

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