January 2017

It’s time to really take control

31 January 2017 Andrew Dolan on how the left must match the anti-establishment rhetoric of the right, but with a different politics

Social housing not social cleansing: the theatre group touring London estates to resist evictions

30 January 2017 Emma Snaith speaks with directors Emer Mary Morris and Nina Scott about the power of theatre to encourage community resistance to estate demolitions.

Big, bold and migrant led: an interview with the New Sanctuary Movement

28 January 2017 In the first of a series of interviews with migrants' rights and racial justice activists from the US, Marienna Pope-Weidemann speaks to Peter Pedemonti, co-founder and director of the New Sanctuary Movement in Philadelphia

Who owns our land?

28 January 2017 Guy Shrubsole gives some tips for finding out

Don’t delay – ditch coal

26 January 2017 Take action this month with the Coal Action Network. By Anne Harris

In Pictures: The World Transformed

24 January 2017 Photos from The World Transformed festival in Liverpool, by David Walters

Borderless ambitions: a reflection on John Berger

19 January 2017 Yasmin Gunaratnam reflects on John Berger’s gut solidarity with the stranger

Utopia: Work less play more

18 January 2017 A shorter working week would benefit everyone, writes Madeleine Ellis-Petersen

We must transform Momentum beyond just its structures

17 January 2017 Charlie Clarke and Heather Mendick discuss how to work through the tensions within Momentum

Short story: Syrenka

14 January 2017 A short story by Kirsten Irving

Mum’s Colombian mine protest comes to London

9 January 2017 Anne Harris reports on one woman’s fight against a multinational coal giant

Bike courier Maggie Dewhurst takes on the gig economy… and wins

9 January 2017 We spoke to Mags about why she’s ‘biting the hand that feeds her’

Utopia: Daring to dream

8 January 2017 Imagining a better world is the first step towards creating one. Ruth Potts introduces our special utopian issue

Utopia: Room for all

7 January 2017 Nadhira Halim and Andy Edwards report on the range of creative responses to the housing crisis that are providing secure, affordable housing across the UK

Crossing the carbon Rubicon

6 January 2017 As man-made global warming gets closer to the tipping point, Andrew Simms finds reasons to be positive about averting catastrophic climate change

A better Brexit

5 January 2017 The left should not tail-end the establishment Bremoaners, argues Michael Calderbank