September 2016

Vacancy: new section editor

26 September 2016 Join the Red Pepper team to write and commission content on racism and xenophobia.

Welcome to Liverpool – a heartland of the rebel cause

20 September 2016 Thousands of activists will arrive in Liverpool this month for the Labour Party Conference and its fringe events. Jenny Nelson recommends places to visit and introduces the local political scene

The pesticide in our parks, gardens, food, clothes and cosmetic products

9 September 2016 Aisha Dodwell reports on the global battle to ban the chemical glyphosate

Book review: Place is the Passion by Bill Williamson

9 September 2016 Folk singer Leon Rosselson reviews a book to help ordinary people understand the Israel / Palestine conflict.

Art, politics and potentias

7 September 2016 A potentia is similar to a utopia but rooted in the here and now. Danielle Child speaks to artist Jane Lawson about her forthcoming project Second Degree Potentias.